According to many experts, the consumption of Vitamin C would be for most people too low. To keep you in good  and have effective protection against disease, researchers estimate that the Recommended Dietary  C shouldbe at least 200 mg per day!

1. What are the advantages of an adequate intake of Vitamin C?

The vitamin is known for fighting;

* colds
* Fatigue
* Stress
* Prevent  disease
* Cataracts
* Macular degeneration
* Anti-carcinogenic

But that’s not all!

We know the  of this valuable vitamin in strengthening the immune system. It contributes notably to the formation of red blood cells while helping toiron absorption in plants.

But did you know that:

* Vitamin C also contributes to improved .
* At an antioxidant  – very important – in the fight against ,which attack precisely those cells, responsible for your aging.
* It helps to produce collagen, a protein essential for the formation of connective tissue of the ? And yes ladies, your  also depends on your takingenough Vitamin C …

Where to find sufficient amounts of Vitamin C?

Be aware that fruits and  are the main source of vitamin C. It should be consumed raw mainly because the vitamin can not stand .

It is found mainly in:

* Broccoli
* Strawberry
* Lemon
* Tomato
* Orange
* Raspberries
* Grapefruit
* Parsley
* The kiwi

1. Anticancer activity!

The scientist, Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate said that two large doses of Vitamin C at a rate of 2 g or more per day, were able to fight againstcarcinogenesis. It was noted in particular that was a help and an adjuvant to chemotherapy against .

Another study of 85,000 nurses who were followed for 16 years, hasdemonstrated this surprising. Two groups were evaluated. One not takingadditional vitamin C, the other yes. However, the group that consumed thevitamin C supplement showed increased protection against .

Finally, nine other studies on 290 000 men and women conducted in 2004showed that an intake (700 mg over 10 years) Vitamin C 25% reduced risk ofcoronary .

1. Little practical advice:

Do not overcook your vegetables and keep food warm. Preparation is moresophisticated and cooked vegetables, more food starting loses vitamin C.Prefer baking potatoes, such as  or twists. Freshly squeezed juiceevery morning, or better yet, a kiwi, already provide on their own half of our daily requirement of vitamin C. A  balanced  should be enough to give usthe required dose. But in some cases it may be called to take charge. Know for that smokers have a special need for vitamin C, each consuming 25mg 

Well … to your plate to not grow old!

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