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The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Reports that the « Chemicals » Toxic found at Home
are three times more likely to cause cancer
than outdoor atmospheric pollutants.

If your health and the environment is important to you – you are on the appropriate website. HEALTH NATURAL PRODUCTS to be Healthy
Preserving our lives and our children’s – who are exposed to chemicals every day – is starting to get more and more people worried. These people are looking for solutions.
How many of these problems affect you or people you know?

Problems such as:
, Asthma, Hypertension (or High blood pressure), Urinary tract infection (UTI), Croons’ disease, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Menopause, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Osteoporosis, Prostate problems, Hyperactivity, Eczema and many more.
Theses problems are affecting more people everyday.

Take time to read the following text
It could change your life, your child’s or your loved one’s.

Did you know that:

The dishwashing liquid is the principal reason of poisonings at home (most brands contain formaldehyde and ammonia).

  • Some cleaning products are harmful and responsible for diseases as asthma, headaches, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc…

  • In Quebec, it is said that approximately 50.000 cases of intoxication per year are because of cleaning products and in more than 75% of the cases, children of less than 6 years are involved.

  • Cosmetic products such as eye shadows, cheek powders and lipsticks contain carcinogenic ingredients.

  • After a 15 years study, the National association of cancer concluded that the women who work at home have 54% more risks to develop a cancer than the women who work outside.

  • The cancer rate increased radically since 1901, going from 1 out of 8.000, to 1 out of 3 today!
    In 2010, this disease will affect 1 person out of 2!

  • The Department of the Environment noted that the air inside our house can be 3 to 70 times more chemically polluted than the outside air.

According to the report of the United States House of Representatives, among the chemicals found in the products of personal care:
884 are toxic
146 cause tumors
218 are involved in the complications with the reproductive system
314 cause biological modifications
376 cause skin and eyes irritations
According to the Cancer prevention Coalition, the principal products that cause cancer include:
Baby powders
The anti tartar toothpaste
Cleaning powders
Hair coloring products
Hair conditionner
The supermarkets brands often use harmful chemical products like:
Alkaline detergent
And many more
There are ecological and effective natural alternatives like:

Oil of tea plant (also called Melaleuca)
Natural enzymes
Natural surfactants
Extract of sugar cane
Bicarbonate of soda
Solvents with citrus fruits
And many other natural ingredients…
Extracted from cane with sugar
Bicarbonate of soda
Solvents with citrus fruits
And many other ingredients naturally that


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As an image is worth thousand words, we invite you to appreciate the following documents, which will help you with better including/understanding the advantages of the choice of stage for your health.

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