PANTOCRIN VELVET ANTLER Sexual Benefits – Natural SEX Enhancer for Men

PANTOCRIN VELVET ANTLER  Sexual Benefits – Natural SEX Enhancer for Men





Its History

The use of deer antlers or pantocrin velvet antler  in medical care dates back over 2000years. The word « antler » itself derives from the Latin « ante oculae » which can betranslated as « before the eyes. »
The use of velvet antler dates back to the Han Dynasty, from 206 BC to 220 AD. The first evidence of the widespread use of velvet antler in medicine, was found on a roll of silk, dating from 168 BC and found inside a tomb in Hunan, China. Later in the six teenth century many preparations such as velvet antler pills, tinctures and ointment shave been recorded in the book Medical Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu.

But only 30 years from the first attempts at scientific research on the therapeutic efficacy of velvet antler were conducted by Russian scientists and pharmacists. As a result, more than 100 articles were published on the subject. Since then, hundreds of articles have been published in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, New Zealand and Canada.

In the 70 doctors Takikawa and they found that the Pantocrin Kajihara, accelerating the healing process of damaged neural tissues.

In 1988, probably one of the most important property of the velvet antler was discovered by Japanese scientists Wang & Associates, which they found that velvet antler has anti-aging.

In 1999, the use of velvet antler has been supported by clinical research because of its beneficial effects in treating arthritis. However, the empirical use suggests several therapeutic properties including immune stimulation, the anti-aging, rejuvenating and protective and beneficial effects on blood flow.

In North America this product has been known for only a decade. Today, the international market for velvet antler is growing due to the fact that more and more people are turning to natural medicine.




The main benefits of Velvet Antler Reversal of Aging and Rejuvenation: Reducing signs of aging, improving memory, increasing the mass of muscle mass and bone density, increased testosterone, decreased activity oxidation in the liver and brain and increasing the protein content of the liver are among the main effects of Pantocrin.
Recent studies in Russia and Japan show that the use of Pantocrin promotes the production of human growth hormone, which reverses the aging process in the body.Basically, Pantocrin alter metabolism significantly.
Increases libido and sexual performance: Pantocrin increases circulation in the reproductive organs and stimulates the production of testosterone and its metabolites. It turns out to be an effective remedy against impotence, as well as to increase libido and sexual performance in general.
Many benefits have been noted by post menopausal women in addition to a significant reduction of stress and improve intimacy.
Regeneration of heart muscle: Pantocrin improves circulation and avoiding metabolism of heart muscle fatigue may result from chronic hypertension, disorders of the circulation, ischemia, diabetes and prolonged psychological stress.
Lowering blood pressure: Pantocrin increases the dilation of peripheral blood vessels and thus lowers blood pressure. Extract Pantocrin edge against the effect of previously administered adrenaline. Velvet antler acts on the neurotransmitter responsible for inhibition and cardiac vasodilation.
Blood Production: Pantocrin cutter is effective in controlling anemia and may increase the level of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the tests body based.
Pantocrin or Velvet antler have shown an increased production of red blood cells and blood cells whites in smaller quantities. Pantocrin facilitates oxygen uptake by the liver, brain, kidneys and endocrine system.
Fight against stress: Pantocrin is effective in the treatment of mental and muscular fatigue, asthenia, neuroses, stress-related disorders, loss of immune and hypotension.
Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis by increasing bone density, the Pantocrin prevents pathological fractures, caused by osteoporosis, 50% women and 20% men.
Post-traumatic bone reconstruction: Pantocrin increases the level of glucose in the bones and promotes a more rapid deposition of calcium salts and phosphate in bone and cartilage.
Anti-Arthritis Remedy: Pantocrin is known to reduce arthritis symptoms while stimulating growth and tissue healing.
Post surgical recovery and significant acute infectious disorders: Pantocrin is invaluable during convalescence during which it speeds up the recovery process of muscle mass.
Strengthening the immune system: Pantocrin injections stimulate the phagocytic function of macrophages. Pantocrin increases the amount of red and white blood cells in the blood and, thus, strengthens the immune system against the risk of infection.
Anticancer activity: Research has shown that velvet antler may have anti-tumor effects against certain forms of cancer cells.
Anti-inflammatory effects: Pantocrin has very good anti-inflammatory qualities had its ability to stimulate production of white blood cells that helps fight against infections.
Protection of liver: Pantocrin helps protect the liver against damage caused by carbon tetrachloride.
Reduction of cholesterol: Pantocrin can cause cholesterol to be filtered from the blood, increasing levels of kidney but thereby lowering levels elsewhere. It is very important that all high cholesterol levels are a known risk factor for heart disease.

An inexhaustible resource

It is important to note that the antlers are a renewable natural resource. Generally, anydeer is killed for its antlers as new antlers grow with each new season. The term « velvet antlers » refers to the living tissue of wood growth of deer, including red deer,as well as elk. Velvet antler is harvested when it reaches two or three branches and is still covered in velvet.

The tip of the antler is the most effective because it contains themost active substances.

Velvet antler is a main constituent of Deer Antler Plus. A powerful stimulant made ​​in USA male, now available in Europe.

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