NATURAL PRODUCTS KILL HEAD LICE Natural Infallible Recipe for « Kill Head Lice » with the oil of tea tree Melaleuca

NATURAL PRODUCTS KILL HEAD LICE Natural Infallible Recipe for « Kill Head Lice » with the oil of tea tree Melaleuca




Treatment non-toxic lice cons # 1:
2 parts olive oil
1 part white vinegar to equal 1 / 2 cup
20 drops of Tea tree oil
20 drops of essential oil lavender
10 drops of essential oil of rosemary

Mix thoroughly and saturate hair with the solution.
Save the rest for the night. Let sit overnight and wash in the morning. Paint with a comb lice to be sure to remove the nits, which can be attached to the axis of the hair.




Treatment non-toxic # 2 against lice
¾ cup hot water
20 drops Melaleuca oil Their tea tree ,
Mix with shampoo and apply directly to hair and let sit 2 shampoos rubbing the hair length from top to bottom if it’s a long hair except let it rest on a hair short at least 10 to 15 minutes
(More applications repeatedly until you are sure the lice and nits have completely disappeared)
It is an alternative treatment that has been tried and proven.

Around the House:

The bedding and towels should be washed with hot water and soap, wool hats with borax and water as hot, soapy water and dried at least 20 minutes in the dryer to be sure that all the nits on the hair fell and killed.
Vacuum all surfaces where children lie or play (including toys). Discard the bag.
Routinely wipe clean with warm water and melaleuca oil any surface « all the places used in everyday life, blankets, sheets, pillows mettrent simply quarantined for 10 to 14 days after all have vacuumed.
Remember, never apply synthetic chemical poisons says pesticide in places frequented the arcades, on toys or furniture surfaces. Store all other exposed items in bags for 2 weeks or dry clean. Do not forget to vacuum the car and all the furniture (upholstered).
Wipe your hand or discard all objects which have traveled slow, hair clips, grooming combs, brushes, carefully follow the movements nits or lice traveled, combs, scissors, use a magnifying glass or a light Scottish bright. Then disinfect by soaking these items and other hair ornaments, combs and brushes in boiling water with some drops of tea tree oil.

Fully test all family members at the same time and treat only those infected and then everyone without exception!
At school each child should be examined in the morning before having leave to return to class by someone experienced in the examination of hair to see if there are any lice, nits, or eggs of all at a time. Whoever checks the condition of hair will do it with sticks lice (usually these are wooden sticks and cheap as you throw in a plastic bag that you seal off and discard) – a new pair of sticks for each child is paramount. It is certain that the review applied to a child with fingers is a good way to spread lice or nits on another person immediately whether a child or an adult.

Children with lice should be sent home to be treated urgently.

Children’s clothing (hats, scarves, and coats) should be separately bagged, not hung side by side, using plastic bags, until all children are disinfected for at least two weeks.

Ensure that things like « clothing is not shared, because lice like hats, combs, brushes and love permeate all equipment like batting helmets, headphones, music, it should never be shared in emergencies by an infestation of lice.


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