NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 100% biological and organic fibers with natural latex.Where you can find this kind of « ecological mattresses » Organic in Montreal, Quebec Canada

NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 100% and fibers whith natural .Where you can find this kind of « ecological mattresses » Organic in Montreal, Quebec Canada

NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 100% biological and organic fibers

Vimala Sleep System Green Sleep

Natural rubber mattress


This natural rubber mattress is the choice for personal excellence.
Choice of three interchangeable plates of natural rubber in fonction  firmness desired.Two zonesallow partnersto choosethe firmnessthat everyonewants.These trays are inserted into velvet bag organic cotton quilted with wool and silk,making it natural mattress of high quality.

Seed « North Malaysia 600″ is the proprietary process exclusive Green Sleep. The soul of Green Sleep Natural Rubber comes from our own tree farm. The buds of these trees were grafted to create the seed « North Malaysia 600″ produces theelastic rubber that is the purest on earth. No filler or synthetic latex has been added to the production of the souls.

Box Vimala

Box-style European studs

The box spring supports the mattress stud with wood dowels suspended with adjustable anchors polymerThe wood is maple untreated kiln-dried, nosynthetic glue, no dyes or finishing spray were used during the production.

Mattress Vasilo


The best natural and biological components

Sustainable natural fibers and materials

Green Sleep is very committed to the production of mattresses, box springs and. Not only do we care about the environment is the source of our raw materials, but also your environment. We want to ensure that all our materials andprocesses are designed in order to comply with the biosphere as well as the homeyou share with your loved ones. All frames stuffed padding and fabrics are made ofthe purest organic products that are on the market today.

Canadian wood renewable

All Green Sleep mattress can be placed on legs or bed frames Green Sleep. Ourbed frames are constructed of selected hardwoods and each piece is worked by aprofessional cabinetmaker in accordance with European traditions. At the stagefinish, only the best natural waxes and oils are applied non-toxic.

Canadian lumber we use

The wood used for Green Sleep products comes from sustainable Canadian forests. Even our high-quality European studs are made of maple and birch from Canadian sources.

In the province of Quebec, sustainable management is called gardening. This method is highly specialized for growth and logging is monitored by inspectorstrained by the government. Once the exact number of trees that were selected in designated areas, the approval is given to cut. The staff oversees forestry cuttingthe forest to protect against damage. If there is damage, steps are taken immediately to rectify the situation.

The advantages of untreated wood

At Green Sleep, your living environment we are concerned at the highest point. Ournatural wood is natural, we do not deal with synthetic glues, dyes or aerosolfinishing whatever stage of . You are fully protected against the toxicgas fumes even those that most other sleep systems emit. And specialized techniques of woodworking that is used by Green Sleep in the construction of its executives particularly the use of wooden slats-lasting eliminate creaking noisesand squeaking so often issued by other beds. Our managers provide strongsupport ideal for our exceptional bedsteads and mattresses.

Organic cotton =comfort

In accordance with our personal philosophy to foster an environment of ,Green Sleep buys and buys only the cotton picked by hand without chemicals.

Usually, the cultivation of cotton in developed countries is using pesticides and herbicides. Plants absorb these poisons through their leaves and drinkcontaminated land, until the whole plant is impregnated with toxins.

How our organic cotton is harveste

By cons, cotton purchased by Green Sleep for its exclusive line of sleep systemsand bedding is grown in traditional cooperatives of Cañete and Chincha valleys high up in the Peruvian Andes. No herbicides, pesticides orsynthetic fertilizers are used to control plant growth, fight pests, or fertilize the crop. No synthetic defoliant is used to remove the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. In addition, hand harvesting ensures that the cotton fibers are the most clean, pure and be flexible – and far superior to those of the usual mattresses and box springs.

In Germany and Switzerland, according to best environmental standards andquality control, cotton fiber is woven to become soft fabrics and superior qualitythat our customers have complete confidence. And they would not otherwise.

Green Sleep is proud to serve in all its products only organic cotton certified bythe certification body KRAV. The stamp of approval from the Swedish KRAV, the oldest and most sought guarantees of organic standards, is respected by producers and buyers of cotton around the world.


Natural Organic Wool

Cool in summer and warm in the winter (as light as the down and easier to clean!)

Organic cotton =comfort
True to his personal philosophy to foster an environment free of toxic, Green LEEPonly buys the cotton picked by hand without chemicals.

To the soul of our natural rubber mattresses, it begins with the liquid rubber
the sap or « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree current, harvested byindependent farmers in North Malaysia.

Why informed consumers today choose organic cotton

Organic cotton products Green Sleep offers superior characteristics:

Softness and sumptuousness – for those unique qualities or those with sensitive skin
Absorbance and breathable, maximizing air circulation and minimizing perspiration
Without chemicals, and gas evolution that can produce fumes while sleeping
Greater resilience in terms of form, color and texture
Organic cotton provides an excellent return on your investment. Quality begets quality.

Wool for its thermal

The fleeces of Green Sleep is processed without the use of chemicals, dyes, oils or bonding agents. The resulting wool does not contain residual processing and also holds a 4% to 6% lanolin, which is a natural repellent to dust mites. In addition, during the transport of our processed wool, we do not allow the use of plastic, rope or ball moth balls.

The harvest of our pure wool

The wool that is used in products derived from Green Sleep fleece of a small island in the Netherlands named Texel.
There, a family business is proud of its organic production methods. Their sheep are being farmed advocating a healthy life without drugs. They are examined daily to check their health. In summer, we send graze sheep in the meadows without pesticides or harmful chemicals that have been reserved solely for agricultural purposes for generations. In winter, sheep barn, enjoy a clean, well ventilated and heated, where you change the litter every day and their food, which comes from a biological non rationed. It is thus not surprising that the result is a high quality fleece to mow. The fleece of these animals are superior to others in terms of luster, resilience, strength, the wicking and natural oils, not to mention the longevity of the fiber and its natural resistance to moisture .

The fleece shorn from live animals are carefully sorted and washed in hot water with vegetable-based soaps (no detergents, chemicals or bleach) to keep up the strength and resilience of the fibers.

Like the Green Sleep organic cotton, wool Green Sleep meets the highest organic standards of quality in the . Our wool meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex 100 certification of Oeko-Tex Association in Switzerland.

Why do well-informed consumers today are choosing natural wool

Natural wool provides the following unique advantages:

Resilience in terms of the shape for comfort, durability and appearance
Cool in summer and warm in winter (as light as the down but easier to clean)
Absorbance exceptional absorbs moisture to 35% of its own weight without being wet to the touch (excellent for the improvement of night sweats)
Natural mite repellent
Natural flame retardant
Natural rubber for flexibility, resilience and minimal compaction

Green Sleep uses only natural rubber Class A support for the soul at the center of his mattress. Natural rubber is an ideal choice for flexibility and stability combined with superior comfort and support. Like organic cotton and wool Green Sleep Natural Rubber Green Sleep contributes to excellent control of heat and moisture.

Harvesting of natural rubber

To the soul of our , we start with liquid latex – the sap or « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree common – planted by independent farmers in North Malaysia. For years, these farmers upgrade their organic farming methods in collaboration with the National Institute of Rubber in Kuala Lumpur.After many years of careful selection, the Malaysian plantation workers have managed to get the milk plant that may be suitable rubber poured into mattress cores of different degrees of firmness.

The souls of Green Sleep Natural Rubber from our own tree farm. Is applied to the seedlings to give a graft seed North Malaysia 600, which produces rubber, the purest and most resilient of all. « 600 North Malaysia » is a proprietary process to Green Sleep.

As might be expected, no latex, fiberfill or herbicides are used during growth and harvest.

Since the raw milk of rubber destabilizes when it is stored too long, Green Sleep has taken steps to ensure that the milk is turned into a rubber plantation near. In fact, by transforming raw milk from the rubber tree the day of harvest, it avoids the use of .

The milk harvested rubber is poured in the morning leaves in the afternoon and the leaves are shipped shortly after the establishment of the Canadian Green Sleep. To manufacture our rubber to the spot where the milk is harvested from the tree is not only a healthy choice for the environment but also a cost-effective choice.
This production method also helps the local economy. Jobs are created without depleting natural resources.

Why today’s informed consumer chooses natural rubber

It is not known generally that Hevea milk contains an antibacterial substance that acts as a repellent to dust mites. Natural rubber made from this unique substance is also breathable and insensitive to temperature. This is why it is never moist or warm. Furthermore, it also contributes to the following properties of our products Green Sleep:

Maintaining the shape and firmness to support stable year after year
Durability and elasticity for the longevity of the mattress
Flexibility and stability for unparalleled comfort
Excellent control of heat and moisture Natural
Upper air circulation for the prevention of mold growth
Note that at the end of useful life of a mattress, natural rubber starts to degrade as it is a biodegradable vegetable substance. But this decomposition takes place only after years of well-being from your Green Sleep mattress and box spring.

Where you can  find products GREEN SLEEP?


Monique Toubeix
Specialist and Advisor Natural Products
Mattresses and Pillows Latex Organic GREEN SLEEP




« MATELAS LATEX NATUREL » 100% BIOLOGIQUE et ORGANIQUE Latex naturel et fibres naturelles. Ou trouver ce genre de « MATELAS Écologique »-Biologique à Montréal au Québec-Canada?

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