BURN PHYSICAL SUPERFICIAL Things (Tricks) Craftiness and Councils (Advises) for your Burns in the FIRST DEGREE with a Natural Product as the Oil of Melaleuca an Average Nature

BURN PHYSICAL SUPERFICIAL Things(Tricks) and Councils(Advises) for your Burns in the FIRST DEGREE with a Natural Product as the Oil of Melaleuca an Nature TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BURNS PHYSICAL

You sometimes to burn fesant of the cooking(kitchen), with an iron with hair a with a chemical or an ardent and hup! !
The first care on a burn vary enormously according to the (extent) of the wound, its depth, its location (localization), the age of the burnt person and the type(chap) of burn. Of the simple sunburn in the burn.

The thing() that here is is valid for those who burn in the , here is an infallible thing(trick) which could help you to relieve your burn immediately! Always have in your a small of oil of Melaleuca or says Tree who one is produced purely and whom you find in most of the stores Bio ou Pharmacie, you buy the purest which you could find. The smell of the oil Melaleuca is not always pleasant for each. Having crossed the part burned under the hanging cold water 5 has 10 min, to put 1 or 2 goutes of oil Melaleuca on the burn to wait for a (5 minutes) the sensation goes disparaitre if you were burned or be in contact hardly with some thing(matter) of warm. If you were more burned a sensation of heating(warm-up) is going to increase for 1 minute and will ease afterward if it persists in putting back(in handing) without hesitating one or two other drops of oil Melaleuca after 10 minutes. The burning sensation as well as marks her(it) disappears after a maximum of 30 minutes later. No more heating(warm-up) or mark of burn! Otherwise if it does not work for you, you can always try the methods following one which are also all average natures for your burn. THE HONEY: spread with honey, resume(take back) the same operation following, the pain disparate, very few scars. THE POTATO: to cut slices and to apply them to the painful , there will be no scar. OLIVE OIL AND WHITE WITH EGG: beat two spoonful of oil with a white of , apply to the burn.

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