The MICRO GRAFTING Hair has now become an effective technique and Estheticians ALL KNOW on Hair Grafts: Techniques micrograft – Implants Hair Implants and Hair

The MICRO Hair has now become an effective technique and Estheticians ALL KNOW on Hair Grafts: Techniques – Implants Hair Implants and Hair

MICRO HAIR Transplants from Dagnostic to Outcome.

All fall … it’s normal.  They fall in a , each passing through three phases: birth .. Life … death … like anything alive.


This cycle occurs 20-30 times in the life of a man. IIt is normal to find hair on the pillow or on the edge of the tub.
But is abnormal, pathological, and ultimately when the accelerating pace of these cycles, the 30 rings are « eaten » too fast … and because hair falls out, not repel, their capital  » renewal « has been completely exhausted.

This accelerating cycle of hair is hereditary, and under the influence of certain hormones, it is called .

Some hair falls definitively: the level of , the top of the skull or the .   Some hair never fall: at the , the crown of the neck because there, the hair is « hormonally protected, they grow and grow throughout life. The idea of is naturally born of this scientific finding: we’re going to migrate hair « eternal » to the deserted areas.

The intervention of micro hair


Micro hair is a technique of reimplantation of hair and their bulbs on hairless areas or who have lost their hair density.  The hair from areas of the scalp well supplied (ie the « Hippocratic wreath »). This provides a good resistance to the action of as they retain their of life, despite their relocation.

Preoperative consultation

It is essential for the establishment of a trusting relationship between patient and doctor and the choice of intervention to consider.
The doctor asks the patient to know their expectations, concerns, but also more conventionally and family.
Clinical of the patient’s doctor will determine the donor area and, or, area (s) recipient (s), and the number of grafts required in the light of the scalability of baldness, the number of meetings and the result that the patient wants.

The doctor will articulate the patient what is possible and what is not to arrive at a reasonable strategy and aesthetically successful in the short, medium and long term.The patient will receive a detailed estimate and a document detailing all the risks inherent in this type of surgery.


This was done in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia and under conditions of hygiene and safety required by any surgery.
The hair is taken from the back of the skull form of a strip which is immediately sent to the team specially trained to cut out the tiny grafts (1 and 2 hair). At the same time, the doctor stitches the donor area, leaving only a thin scar hidden by hair. Then he realized micro-incisions finally hosting micro-grafts.
It thus reimplanted 1000-3000 grafts. The lasts on average 4-


The suites are not painful, apart from a feeling of tension of the scalp sometimes accompanied by edema passenger.
Small bleeding may occur, but it is not necessary to make dressing.

The shampoos can be made the next day on the untreated areas. The treated areas will be rinsed gently with the jet and can be washed after 48 hours.
The end result will be visible after a few months until the hair eventually relocated to fall again and a full cycle of growth.

About the Author: Guy Menahem specializes in hair transplants: techniques and implants micrografts hairimplants hairhair transplant.

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