The tea tree oil MELALEUCA Tea Tree Natural Products on or THEIR OIL is a MIRACLE!

The oil MELALEUCA Tea Tree Natural Products on or THEIR OIL is a MIRACLE!

Melaleuca oil a wonderful . Discover the incomparable  of of the of tea tree from Australia.

Name (s) joint (s): Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree.
Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia, Myrtaceae family.
Name (s) English: Tea tree.

Part (s) used (s): The leaves which takes an essential oil by distillation.
Habitat and origin:  or evergreen  confined to swampy areas of the northeast coast of Australia (New South Wales).

Indications:  oil is used to prevent and treat infections of the skin and membranes, such as: treat acne and buttons – Arthritis – Burns andsunburn – Cuts and abrasions – Bruises – Cystitis – Muscle aches – Boils and  – herpes labialis – excema--Psoriasis- -vaginal Infections – Fungal Infections – onychomycosis-insect bites, ’s foot-Plaque dental – Varicose veins Warts-it- gingivitis-dandruff.

The tea tree or Melaleuca oil from Australia is an extraordinary natural resource for our health.

Many scientific and medical research have recognized the therapeutic and hygiene of the essential oil of tea tree in Australia (and incorrectly named by Captain Cook) who has become a relatively recent addition, based on preparations pharmaceutical and natural .
Natural relief for burns, cuts, bites, scratches and other minor injuries.

It helps to eliminate  to promote the . Penetrating -Provides benefits well below the upper layers of the skin. Soothing – Stopspain,  and itching.
Solvent it dissolves residue and acts as a natural cleanser and disinfectant.
Non-caustic does not irritate most skin types (those whose skin is extremely  may wish to dilute it in  or olive oil).
Aromatic use the spray to provide a fresh herbal scent. Dr Penfold studied oil Their Dr A. R. Penfold was one of the first scientists to document the power of Their alternifolia oil.

He noted that: « The results of these investigations have not only exceeded my expectations, but have given results which, in practice, are far from those projected … The germicidal effectiveness of the oil … is due to the unique natural blend of their diverse constituents. « Also in the composition of hygiene products and cosmetics.

Research to develop other applications, including agriculture.

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