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Lemon Benefits

Lemon benefits What are the benefits and properties of the lemon and does our body react to it?

Lemon: Refreshing, antiseptic, astringent, toning, healing: lemon can be used for several purposes.
Fortunately, lemons are on sale all year. Here are some tips to enjoy every last drop.


The Lemon is rich in mineral salts and vitamin C, low in calories (35 calories per 100 grams). Lemon does not only add a great taste to food, but it also has many properties related to our health.

Skin Care

  • It helps you get a smoother skin. Do you have rough elbows, knees or heels? Cut a lemon in half and gently rub the lemon on the rough parts for a few minutes.
  • A piece of lemon applied to insect bites soothes the pain and itching within minutes.
  • For those with oily skin, or if you want to get rid of blackheads quickly, squeeze a lemon on a cotton then apply it on the affected areas. With it property as an astringent, lemon also helps to tighten pores.

Dental care

A recipe from Grandma: For whiter teeth, brush them twice a week with a mixture of neat lemon juice, lime and grapefruit juice. This solution also helps reduce tartar. However, you should avoid sucking directly from a lemon slice because of its concentration in citric acid harmful to dental enamel.


To give your hair a shiny aspect, rinse with a little lemon juice after shampooing.


Next time you have a headache, try lemon juice compresses or apply a few slices on your temples.


Aching feet? To relieve pain, rub the arch with lemon juice.



Its reputation being that it has antiseptic properties, it is used in many treatments against sore throat and can also lead to cures for hands. It is now being used more and more in cosmetics. It is used to lighten and even skin tone. It eliminates 30% of glucose in the blood, effective for diabetes.

Its juice helps to prevent mucus: lemon juice diluted in warm water avoids having a hoarse voice.

A sugar soaked in lemon juice is the most effective remedy against hiccups. Although the way it works is unknown, the effect is immediate, guaranteed, easily verified and safe.

The lemon in the kitchen

Natural antiseptic, lemon is known for its high content of vitamin C. It is a very natural way to enhance the flavor of food and also flavor soups, sauces, vegetables, desserts and sorbets. It replaces the vinegar in many salad dressings. Finally, we use it to marinate and tenderize white meat, poultry and fish.

Buying and storing

  • Always buy well round lemons, they are juicier than the oval-shaped ones. Choose the brightest yellow lemons, they contain more vitamins. Whole lemons can be stored in your refrigerator tray for about two weeks.
  • Wrap the lemons you opened in plastic and eat them as soon as possible. The lemon should be at room temperature for it to give its maximum juice. Roll it on a board or in your hands for a few minutes before squeezing it. Also, it will give more juice if you first heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Use the zest

Roughly grated, the zests are used in some soups and exotic dishes, desserts and delicate perfumes. It is also used in curries and in some classic stews. To grate the zest, use a fine grater, rub gently to avoid scratching the white skin that give a bitter taste.

A good tip

If you only need a few drops, drill a small hole in the fruit. Then, you can reseal it with a toothpick or wrap the lemon in plastic.

lemon benefits

A lemon tree in the house

If you want to grow a lemon tree at home, here’s how to do it from lemons you bought: keep the seeds moist for 24 h. Fill a pot of 10-15 cm and plant the seeds 2 cm deep. Keep the seeds moist during their germination. They will take about a month to germinate. They will grow well under fluorescent light or on the edge of a sunny window. Unfortunately, it won’t produce anything other than leaves. If you want to see a lemon tree blossom, you’ll have to buy it.

Plant care

Prepare a drained, rich, neutral, without excess water mixture. During growth, use a special citrus fertilizer, watering one time out of two; trim slightly in March and watch out for spiders, mealybugs and aphids.


In other applications

  • Lemon juice can be very useful to clean aluminum objects, and it is in fact in the composition of the mixture that is sold to clean the copper utensils.
  • It also appears that lemon juice has spermicide virtues because of its high acidity (pH lower than in the vagina). Studies are made to check if the lemon juice has an impact on AIDS.
  • Lemon juice can also be used as invisible ink. Just use its juice as ink, and then heat the sheet over a candle (not too close) to see the message.

Raw skinless lemon
(Nutrition per 100 g)
Water: 88.98 g total ash: 0.30 g fiber: 2.8 g energy: 29 kcal
protein: 1.10 g fat: 0.30 g Carbohydrates: 9.32 g Simple sugars: 2.50 g
Calcium: 26 mg Iron: 0.60 mg Magnesium: 8 mg Phosphorus: 16 mg
Potassium: 138 mg Copper: 0.037 mg Sodium: 2 mg Zinc: 0.06 mg
Vitamin C: 53.0 mg Vitamin B1: 0,040 mg Vitamin B2: 0,020 mg Vitamin B3: 0.100 mg
Vitamin B5: 0.190 mg Vitamin B6: 0.080 mg Vitamin B9: 0 mcg Vitamin B12: 0.00 mcg
Vitamin A: 22 IU Retinol: 0 mcg Vitamin E: 0.15 mg Vitamin K: 0.0 mcg
fat acids
Saturated: 0.039 g monounsaturated: 0.011 g polyunsaturated: 0.089 g Cholesterol: 0 mg


  • Lemon is also photosensitive. When you apply lemon juice on the skin, marks can appear after exposure to sunlight. There are two reactions: phototoxicity and photoallergy.
  • Lemon can also cause some burns to mucous membranes if its juice or essential oil is absorbed in too large quantities. The mucous membranes more prone to burned are the lining of the esophagus, stomach and more.


NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 100% biological and organic fibers with natural latex.Where you can find this kind of « ecological mattresses » Organic in Montreal, Quebec Canada

NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 100% biological and organic fibers whith natural latex.Where you can find this kind of « ecological mattresses » Organic in Montreal, Quebec Canada

NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 100% biological and organic fibers

Vimala Sleep System Green Sleep

Natural rubber mattress


This natural rubber mattress is the choice for personal excellence.
Choice of three interchangeable plates of natural rubber in fonction  firmness desired.Twocomfort zonesallow partnersto choosethe firmnessthat everyonewants.These trays are inserted into velvet bag organic cotton quilted with wool and silk,making it natural mattress of high quality.

Seed « North Malaysia 600″ is the proprietary process exclusive Green Sleep. The soul of Green Sleep Natural Rubber comes from our own tree farm. The buds of these trees were grafted to create the seed « North Malaysia 600″ produces theelastic rubber that is the purest on earth. No filler or synthetic latex has been added to the production of the souls.

Box Vimala

Box-style European studs

The box spring supports the mattress stud with wood dowels suspended bed frame with adjustable anchors polymerThe wood is maple untreated kiln-dried, nosynthetic glue, no dyes or finishing spray were used during the production.

Mattress Vasilo


The best natural and biological components

Sustainable natural fibers and materials

Green Sleep is very committed to the production of mattresses, box springs andbed frames. Not only do we care about the environment is the source of our raw materials, but also your environment. We want to ensure that all our materials andprocesses are designed in order to comply with the biosphere as well as the homeyou share with your loved ones. All frames stuffed padding and fabrics are made ofthe purest organic products that are on the market today.

Canadian wood renewable

All Green Sleep mattress can be placed on legs or bed frames Green Sleep. Ourbed frames are constructed of selected hardwoods and each piece is worked by aprofessional cabinetmaker in accordance with European traditions. At the stagefinish, only the best natural waxes and oils are applied non-toxic.

Canadian lumber we use

The wood used for Green Sleep products comes from sustainable Canadian forests. Even our high-quality European studs are made of maple and birch from Canadian sources.

In the province of Quebec, sustainable management is called gardening. This method is highly specialized for growth and logging is monitored by inspectorstrained by the government. Once the exact number of trees that were selected in designated areas, the approval is given to cut. The staff oversees forestry cuttingthe forest to protect against damage. If there is damage, steps are taken immediately to rectify the situation.

The advantages of untreated wood

At Green Sleep, your living environment we are concerned at the highest point. Ournatural wood is natural, we do not deal with synthetic glues, dyes or aerosolfinishing whatever stage of construction. You are fully protected against the toxicgas fumes even those that most other sleep systems emit. And specialized techniques of woodworking that is used by Green Sleep in the construction of its executives particularly the use of wooden slats-lasting eliminate creaking noisesand squeaking so often issued by other beds. Our managers provide strongsupport ideal for our exceptional bedsteads and mattresses.

Organic cotton =comfort

In accordance with our personal philosophy to foster an environment free of toxins,Green Sleep buys and buys only the cotton picked by hand without chemicals.

Usually, the cultivation of cotton in developed countries is using pesticides and herbicides. Plants absorb these poisons through their leaves and drinkcontaminated land, until the whole plant is impregnated with toxins.

How our organic cotton is harveste

By cons, cotton purchased by Green Sleep for its exclusive line of sleep systemsand bedding is grown in traditional cooperatives centennial of Cañete and Chincha valleys high up in the Peruvian Andes. No herbicides, pesticides orsynthetic fertilizers are used to control plant growth, fight pests, or fertilize the crop. No synthetic defoliant is used to remove the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. In addition, hand harvesting ensures that the cotton fibers are the most clean, pure and be flexible – and far superior to those of the usual mattresses and box springs.

In Germany and Switzerland, according to best environmental standards andquality control, cotton fiber is woven to become soft fabrics and superior qualitythat our customers have complete confidence. And they would not otherwise.

Green Sleep is proud to serve in all its products only organic cotton certified bythe certification body KRAV. The stamp of approval from the Swedish KRAV, the oldest and most sought guarantees of organic standards, is respected by producers and buyers of cotton around the world.


Natural Organic Wool

Cool in summer and warm in the winter (as light as the down and easier to clean!)

Organic cotton =comfort
True to his personal philosophy to foster an environment free of toxic, Green LEEPonly buys the cotton picked by hand without chemicals.

To the soul of our natural rubber mattresses, it begins with the liquid rubber
the sap or « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree current, harvested byindependent farmers in North Malaysia.

Why informed consumers today choose organic cotton

Organic cotton products Green Sleep offers superior characteristics:

Softness and sumptuousness – for those unique qualities or those with sensitive skin
Absorbance and breathable, maximizing air circulation and minimizing perspiration
Without chemicals, and gas evolution that can produce fumes while sleeping
Greater resilience in terms of form, color and texture
Organic cotton provides an excellent return on your investment. Quality begets quality.

Wool for its thermal

The fleeces of Green Sleep is processed without the use of chemicals, dyes, oils or bonding agents. The resulting wool does not contain residual processing and also holds a 4% to 6% lanolin, which is a natural repellent to dust mites. In addition, during the transport of our processed wool, we do not allow the use of plastic, rope or ball moth balls.

The harvest of our pure wool

The wool that is used in products derived from Green Sleep fleece of a small island in the Netherlands named Texel.
There, a family business is proud of its organic production methods. Their sheep are being farmed advocating a healthy life without drugs. They are examined daily to check their health. In summer, we send graze sheep in the meadows without pesticides or harmful chemicals that have been reserved solely for agricultural purposes for generations. In winter, sheep barn, enjoy a clean, well ventilated and heated, where you change the litter every day and their food, which comes from a biological non rationed. It is thus not surprising that the result is a high quality fleece to mow. The fleece of these animals are superior to others in terms of luster, resilience, strength, the wicking and natural oils, not to mention the longevity of the fiber and its natural resistance to moisture .

The fleece shorn from live animals are carefully sorted and washed in hot water with vegetable-based soaps (no detergents, chemicals or chlorine bleach) to keep up the strength and resilience of the fibers.

Like the Green Sleep organic cotton, wool Green Sleep meets the highest organic standards of quality in the industry. Our wool meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex 100 certification of Oeko-Tex Association in Switzerland.

Why do well-informed consumers today are choosing natural wool

Natural wool provides the following unique advantages:

Resilience in terms of the shape for comfort, durability and appearance
Cool in summer and warm in winter (as light as the down but easier to clean)
Absorbance exceptional absorbs moisture to 35% of its own weight without being wet to the touch (excellent for the improvement of night sweats)
Natural mite repellent
Natural flame retardant
Natural rubber for flexibility, resilience and minimal compaction

Green Sleep uses only natural rubber Class A support for the soul at the center of his mattress. Natural rubber is an ideal choice for flexibility and stability combined with superior comfort and support. Like organic cotton and wool Green Sleep Natural Rubber Green Sleep contributes to excellent control of heat and moisture.

Harvesting of natural rubber

To the soul of our natural rubber mattresses, we start with liquid latex – the sap or « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree common – planted by independent farmers in North Malaysia. For years, these farmers upgrade their organic farming methods in collaboration with the National Institute of Rubber in Kuala Lumpur.After many years of careful selection, the Malaysian plantation workers have managed to get the milk plant that may be suitable rubber poured into mattress cores of different degrees of firmness.

The souls of Green Sleep Natural Rubber from our own tree farm. Is applied to the seedlings to give a graft seed North Malaysia 600, which produces rubber, the purest and most resilient of all. « 600 North Malaysia » is a proprietary process to Green Sleep.

As might be expected, no latex, fiberfill or herbicides are used during growth and harvest.

Since the raw milk of rubber destabilizes when it is stored too long, Green Sleep has taken steps to ensure that the milk is turned into a rubber plantation near. In fact, by transforming raw milk from the rubber tree the day of harvest, it avoids the use of chemical stabilizers.

The milk harvested rubber is poured in the morning leaves in the afternoon and the leaves are shipped shortly after the establishment of the Canadian Green Sleep. To manufacture our rubber to the spot where the milk is harvested from the tree is not only a healthy choice for the environment but also a cost-effective choice.
This production method also helps the local economy. Jobs are created without depleting natural resources.

Why today’s informed consumer chooses natural rubber

It is not known generally that Hevea milk contains an antibacterial substance that acts as a repellent to dust mites. Natural rubber made from this unique substance is also breathable and insensitive to temperature. This is why it is never moist or warm. Furthermore, it also contributes to the following properties of our products Green Sleep:

Maintaining the shape and firmness to support stable year after year
Durability and elasticity for the longevity of the mattress
Flexibility and stability for unparalleled comfort
Excellent control of heat and moisture Natural
Upper air circulation for the prevention of mold growth
Note that at the end of useful life of a mattress, natural rubber starts to degrade as it is a biodegradable vegetable substance. But this decomposition takes place only after years of well-being from your Green Sleep mattress and box spring.

Where you can  find products GREEN SLEEP?


Monique Toubeix
Specialist and Advisor Natural Products
Mattresses and Pillows Latex Organic GREEN SLEEP




« MATELAS LATEX NATUREL » 100% BIOLOGIQUE et ORGANIQUE Latex naturel et fibres naturelles. Ou trouver ce genre de « MATELAS Écologique »-Biologique à Montréal au Québec-Canada?

MATTRESS-NATURAL PRODUCT COMPOSITION of Natural Latex mattresses mattress GREEN BIO ORGANIC RUBBER without Chemical Products. Mattress Patented

MATTRESS-NATURAL PRODUCT COMPOSITION of natural latex mattresses mattress GREEN BIO ORGANIC RUBBER without Chemical Products. Mattress Patented

WHY A natural latex mattresses GREEN BIO

Many people today have physical problems, skin sensitivities, asthma and allergicunexplained.
The many chemical sensitivities increase in people every day by hundreds of thousands of cases reported by Health Canada.

Ask yourself what you breathe in your sleep?

Do you ever come to mind that all your problems of skin sensitivity and respirations were just lying to you all night?
Mites, bacteria, oil, toxic glue, polyurethane, synthetic latex ect … the list goes on.


Most people sleep one third of their lives on mattresses and bed textiles that canharm them!

Synthetic raw materials, as among other polyurethane foams and latex SBR artificial, does not only result in a mattress that is too inelastic, but may in addition, in certain circumstances, release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that canpotentially be toxic skin or lungs.
Treatment of delayed ignition resulting in even more chemicals and furtherincreasing the danger.

The list of chemicals added is supplemented by the anti-moth, anti-stain, anti-wrinkling and even anti-allergy.

In the field of textile, bed toxic dyes and formaldehyde are the most serious offenders. In addition, sleeping on synthetic material is so comfortable and certainly less relaxing.

Synthetic materials do not absorb perspiration and not heat the body as natural materials. Chapter « Sleep and Health » that you read our body detoxifies during deep sleep. The textile bed, the mattress cover and mattress core mustcompletely absorb the perspiration, while the body heat must be transported.

Only the best materials to guarantee organic farming climate of sleep most beneficial.

Organic Hevea

1. Why choose organic rubber?

A mattress core is ideal in theory extremely elastic and non-deformable. Spring mattresses and water mattresses have either a compression or collapse of elasticity reduced more where there is more weight.

For over 20 years, I was engaged in the production of foam mattresses latex. They are already more elastic than other mattresses, but the elasticity is determined by the amount of natural rubber used in the polymer blend. Ideally, I would make onlya mattress core Hevea natural rubber, but it was impossible or difficult to achieve in Europe and America because of the lack of fresh Hevea milk.

The foam mattress that we knew were made of polyurethane or synthetic polymerlatex SBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber. These are obtained by complex chemical processes from petroleum. The synthetic latex mattress that we knew were already enriched with natural rubber to increase their elasticity. This natural rubber mixed with a lot of volatile alkali was transported in liquid form from Asia andtropical Africa. It was painful because we never received the same quality.Imagine that you had to produce the same wine in California with an arbitrary mixture of grapes in France.

2. Natural Latex

In Europe, we could make so-called mattress’ latex nature « , but the compositionshould always be adapted. The polymer blend of SBR synthetic latex and natural rubber had to be supplemented with other materials for a finished product always equal with regard to the extent and firmness. Usually, the best ratio of polymer orrubber was 80% natural rubber and 20% of SBR rubber, but with the addition offillers to correct and vulcanizing materials, the finished product contained only 60% of natural rubber. So, a mattress 80% of natural rubber contained only 60% natural rubber! It was far from our ideal.

3. Natural rubber from Hevea

Ideally, a mattress should consist of more than 90% natural rubber and rubber to be perfectly isotropic, ie d. elasticity is the same in all directions. This product is alsobreathable and insensitive to temperature. This is why it is never moist or warm.Examples of other products which are widely used natural rubber condoms arerubber, the tires of an aircraft or a formula, balloons for meteorological stations …anything that has to be extremely resilient and stable.

To make this mattress core made ​​of 100% natural rubber to rubber, we neededmilk plant rubber and similar expenses and know-how innovative. So it had to be done in the country of origin of the Hevea milk. But what is this hevea milk and where to find the best soul of a mattress?

4. Hevea Brasiliensis

HEVEA BRASILIENSIS is the name of a rubber tree. As the name implies, the tree was discovered in 1736 in the Amazon region by the French explorer Charles Marie de la Condamine(1701-1775) who reported the rubber as a curiosity.

Around the world, there are trees that secrete a liquid when they are injured or damaged by insects. This fluid prevents clotting that mold or bacteria enter the tree.

As the resin of pine or maple sap, a milk plant, also known as latex flows from theHevea brasiliensis or rubber tree, which hardens to a rubbery mass. A pharmacistdiscovered that English can be used to erase the pencil. The name of the rubber(rubber) also comes from the English verb « to rub » rubbing. This rubber is mainlyelastic and waterproof.

In 1839 it was discovered that the rubber and sulfur by heating, the so-calledvulcanization process, produce a rubber that is strong and solid at temperaturesfrom 0 to 100 ° C.

Since then, this product is used for making waterproof textiles, tires for bicycles and cars, chewing gum, painting … and even condoms.

Rubber became an important industrial product. Needs rubber became so important that we built plantations in other parts of the world. Especially the English, who sent the young plants in their tropical colonies in Asia such as SriLanka and Singapore. The Portuguese plantation implanted primarily in Central Africa. The tree survives in effect only in a very humid and hot. To harvest the milkplant is cut out in the cambium of the tree. And the pockets of latex are cut and the milk flows out. Under the injury, we fix a container in which milk plant is collected.Can be left to coagulate the milk, or you can add a little ammonia to keep the fluid milk. The coagulated rubber is dried and compressed to make shoes, boots, insulation or building material. For mattresses, we need liquid latex. It is purchased for Green Sleep Malaysia North to independent farmers, who for years planted these trees selected in cooperation with the National Institute of Rubber in Kuala Lumpur. As for apples, peppers, wine, is applied to the plant about a transplant from mother to still get the same tree. After a long selection, we get the milk for several years to plant rubber trees still appropriate to melt mattress coresare identical in the different degrees of firmness.

5. Milk of Hevea

Plantations which our milk comes from plants do not use growth promoters, pesticides or insecticides. The wood bottom is removed by hand if necessary. In some areas of sheep and goats graze under the trees. In addition to our certificateQUL, Qualitäts Umweltfreundlicher Latexmatratzen institute Öko-Umwelt in Cologne, Germany, the plantations were checked as to working conditions andenvironment-friendly aspect. The cultivation of vegetable milk rubber is completely organic.

Pull hevea milk has now become the work of women. This is the second family income. Prices are set cooperatively every day.

Today, the price of rubber and especially milk plant rubber is very high. In addition to the world price rises due to growing demand, the price is fixed according to theabove daily wage. When you know that we must have about 40 hours to collecte nough milk to produce a rubber of our mattresses …

6 . Transformation process

Hevea milk is delivered fresh and centrifuged under the same certificate ISO2004. The solid material is separated from the water. This solid is mixed by acomputer-controlled complex program, with air and a minimum + / ​​- 5%,vulcanizing and other materials such as sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerator andantioxidant . None of these added materials is toxic! On this subject, please referto tests and certificates that you find below.

It therefore adds no fillers. The mixture is injected into molds aluminum ankleswhile returning the heat of 90 ° C in the body.

After about 90 minutes of oven, the mattress core is removed from the mold curedand washed. At Green Sleep, this cleaning is very intense. The souls of 15 cm up to 7 times are watered and compressed up to 1 cm. In a centrifuge, the souls are cleaned again, until all the soap scum and all odors are gone. The abundant waterfor this process must be completely sterile. After drying, the mattress core ORGANIC HEVEA is controlled at the firm and receives a label stating its origin and production data. Certificate « AOC » and a number are also with the mattress core. Thus the product is fully traceable! These mattress cores are sent to theGreen Sleep plant in Europe and Canada for further treatment. This production process gives us the best mattress cores that can be made ​​today. In the field of ecology, plantations and crops are well below any non-polluting. For production ofeven the mattress core, we need the same amount of energy that was used for other mattress cores.

7. Warning

The only problem is the so-called latex allergy to the protein of 1%, culprit, theHevea milk contains. Only a small proportion of the population is concerned.Generally, latex allergy occurs in individuals who as a child did not tolerate breast milk or any dairy product.

If latex allergy, contact with a mattress core covered after a few hours causes redspots on the skin and begins to suffocate. If this happens, we return the mattress inthe store room to the purchase price. On an annual basis than 15,000 mattresses, we must take about four. It does not often. If you want more information, see latexallergy, implications for patients and Health care workers [latex allergy, the implications for patients and medical staff.

In several countries of the Third World, the mattress 100% natural latex are handcrafted. They serve primarily the local market. Their product often has acrumbly structure and is much too hard. The durability and hygiene conditions in which this product was manufactured are not acceptable for use West. Especially rinsing is often contaminated. We find these products regularly on the Western market. They are often sold at prices bumper « factory direct » to business post office box or lounges. These products severely damage the reputation of « natural products ».

Always ask for certificates of composition, origin and brand QUL!

9. 20 year Warranty!

Every soul rubber mattress organic Green Sleep is guaranteed for 20 years ofgood use since July 2008. Each mattress has its certificate of origin and a manual. Remember that a mattress is acidified with sweat and deforms after a while depending on the weight of your body. So be your mattress review by a consultant from Green Sleep every eight years.

Green Sleep has become an internal list of demands « Eco-tested » to be met by all the raw materials used. Any subcontractor or any production unit Green Sleep is imperative to meet these criteria.

Certificates Skal, Eco-cert and QUL support our claims of quality and are soughtfrom our suppliers every year.

Find products GREEN SLEEP?

Real Organic Products without added chemical products


Monique Toubeix

Specialist and Advisor Natural Products
Mattress and Pillow Latex Organic GREEN SLEEP



Come meet

1860 boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval, QC
(450) 687-7880

She will be happy to answer your questions

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Natural ear against Mites GREEN SLEEP-Latex Wool-Bamboo-Gel-coated Cotton Natural Fiber SALES Montreal Laval Quebec

Natural ear against mites GREEN SLEEP-Latex Wool-Bamboo-Gel-coated Cotton Natural Fiber SALES Montreal Laval Quebec

The Green Sleep Natural Latex or Wool PILLOW Natural
repellents are to MITESBEDDING


an Organic Cotton

No chemicals or pesticides

4 Models Pillows Valini GREEN SLEEP
Choose one that suits you!

Natural Wool Green Sleep, Valini 2000

  • 100% Pure wool filling regulates temperature.
  • The carded wool retains its loft and provides medium firm support to the head and neck.
  • Heavy-duty 100% organic cotton cover
  • Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, and dust resistant

Green Sleep, Valini 4000

Green Sleeps bio-pillow
• Filling 100 % organic hevea form
• With single cover 100 % cotton KBA
• Filling and cover washable 30°
• Orthopedic travel pillow for firmer mattresses
• Perfect support for top side sleepers
Hypo allergen
Cover very absorbent
Shoulder free ergonomic measure 30 x 50 cm

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Real Organic Products without added chemical products


Monique Toubeix
Specialist and Advisor Natural Products
Mattresses and Pillows Organic Wool and Latex

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Green Sleep’s Natural Rubber cores are derived from our very own tree farm. These trees have been bud grafted to create the North Malaysia 600 which, in turn, produces the purest, most elastic rubber on the planet; no synthetic fillers are added to core production.

Our natural rubber mattress cores start as liquid latex — the sap or « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, the common rubber tree — harvested by independent farmers in North Malaysia. The natural rubber manufactured from this unique substance breathes easily and wicks moisture away. As a result, it never feels damp or too warm to the touch.

Green Sleep natural rubber also contours the body and retains firmness to provide even support over the long-term, superior durability and elasticity for mattress longevity, and enhanced air circulation for protection against mould and mildew.

Health a natural latex mattresses ECOLOGICAL



  • Certification by Germany’s Eco Institut
  • The highest possible rubber purity
  • The most elastic, durable, anti-sagging rubber with extra softness
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial protection, including against dust mites

Vimala Sleep System Green Sleep


Natural rubber mattress

This natural rubber mattress is the choice for personal excellence. Choice of three interchangeable plates of natural rubber in fonctionde firmness desired.Two comfort zones allow partners to choose the firmness that everyone wants.These trays are inserted into a velvet bag organic cotton quilted with wool andsilk, making it a natural mattress of high quality.

12 Ergo%20Hevea%20detail MATELAS Anti Acariens pour aider les ASTHMATIQUES en PUR LATEX BIOLOGIQUE et fait entièrement ORGANIQUE ou NATUREL le seul avec 5 BREVETS ou CERTIFICATIONS pour sa pureté  LAVAL MONTREAL QUEBEC

Seed « North Malaysia 600 » is the proprietary process exclusive Green Sleep.The soul of Green Sleep Natural Rubber comes from our own tree farm. The buds of these trees were grafted to create the seed « North Malaysia 600″produces the elastic rubber that is the purest on earth. No filler or synthetic latex has been added to the production of the souls.

Vimala Foundation


Box-style European studs

The box spring supports the mattress stud with wood dowels suspended bed frame with adjustable anchors polymer. The wood is maple untreated kiln-dried, no synthetic glue, no dyes or finishing spray were used during the production.


VASILO The mattress pad washable Vasilo like a fitted sheet with four large pockets. Theelastic knit organic cotton ensures a perfect fit. This mattress is made of pure organic cotton fibers stitched between two layers of jersey knit for optimum protection naturel.Tous rubber mattresses bed frames, padding and fabrics are made of Green Sleep organic products more pure and spotless on the market today.

The best natural and biological components

Natural Rubber for flexibility, resilience and minimal compaction

Sustainable natural fibers and materials

Green Sleep is very committed to the production of mattresses, box springs and bed frames. Not only do we care about the environment is the source of our raw materials, but also your environment. We want to ensure that all our materials and processes are designed in order to comply with the biosphere as well as the home you share with your loved ones. All frames stuffed padding and fabrics are made of the purest organic products that are on the market today.

Canadian wood renewable

All Green Sleep mattress can be placed on legs or bed frames Green Sleep.Our bed frames are constructed of selected hard woods and each piece is worked by a professional cabinet maker in accordance with European traditions.At the stage finish, only the best natural waxes and oils are applied non-toxic.

Canadian lumber we use

The wood used for Green Sleep products comes from sustainable Canadian forests. Even our high-quality European studs are made of maple and birch from Canadian sources.

In the province of Quebec, sustainable management is called gardening. This method is highly specialized for growth and logging is monitored by inspectors trained by the government. Once the exact number of trees that were selected in designated areas, the approval is given to cut. The staff oversees forestry cuttingthe forest to protect against damage. If there is damage, steps are taken immediately to rectify the situation.

The advantages of untreated wood

At Green Sleep, your living environment we are concerned at the highest point.Our natural wood is natural, we do not deal with synthetic glues, dyes or aerosol finishing whatever stage of construction. You are fully protected against the toxicgas fumes – even those that most other sleep systems emit. And specialized techniques of woodworking that is used by Green Sleep in the construction of its executives particularly the use of wooden slats-lasting – eliminate creaking noises and squeaking so often issued by other beds. Our managers providestrong support ideal for our exceptional bedsteads and mattresses.

Organic cotton= comfort

In accordance with our personal philosophy to foster an environment free of toxins, Green Sleep buys and buys only the cotton picked by hand without chemicals.

Usually, the cultivation of cotton in developed countries is using pesticides and herbicides. Plants absorb these poisons through their leaves and drinkcontaminated land, until the whole plant is impregnated with toxins.

How our organic cotton is harvested

By cons, cotton purchased by Green Sleep for its exclusive line of sleep systems and bedding is grown in traditional cooperatives centennial of Cañete and Chincha valleys high up in the Peruvian Andes. No herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used to control plant growth, fight pests, or fertilize the crop. No synthetic defoliant is used to remove the leaves in preparation for theharvest or during the manufacturing process. In addition, hand harvest ingensures that the cotton fibers are the most clean, pure and be flexible – and far superior to those of the usual mattresses and box springs.

In Germany and Switzerland, according to best environmental standards and quality control, cotton fiber is woven to become soft fabrics and superior quality that our customers have complete confidence. And they would not otherwise.

Green Sleep is proud to serve in all its products only organic cotton certified bythe certification body KRAV. The stamp of approval from the Swedish KRAV, the oldest and most sought guarantees of organic standards is respected by producers and buyers of cotton around the world.

Cool in summer and warm in the winter (as light as the down and easier to clean!)

True to his personal philosophy to foster an environment free of toxic, Green Sleep buys only the cotton picked by hand without chemicals.

To the soul of our natural rubber mattresses, it begins with the liquid rubber –
the sap or « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree current, harvested by independent farmers in North Malaysia.

Why informed consumers today choose organic cotton

Organic cotton products Green Sleep offers superior characteristics:

  • Softness and sumptuousness – for those unique qualities or those with sensitive skin
  • Absorbance and breathable, maximizing air circulation and minimizing perspiration
  • Without chemicals, and gas evolution that can produce fumes while sleeping
  • Greater resilience in terms of form, color and texture
  • Organic cotton provides an excellent return on your investment. Quality be gets quality.

Wool for its Thermal

The fleeces of Green Sleep is processed without the use of chemicals, dyes, oils or bonding agents. The resulting wool does not contain residual processing and also holds a 4% to 6% lanolin, which is a natural repellent to dust mites. In addition, during the transport of our processed wool, we do not allow the use of plastic, rope or ball moth balls.

The harvest of our pure wool

The wool that is used in products derived from Green Sleep fleece of a small island in the Netherlands named Texel.
There, a family business is proud of its organic production methods. Their sheep are being farmed advocating a healthy life without drugs. They are examined daily to check their health. In summer, we send graze sheep in the meadows without pesticides or harmful chemicals that have been reservedsolely for agricultural purposes for generations. In winter, sheep barn, enjoy aclean, well ventilated and heated, where you change the litter every day and their food, which comes from a biological non rationed. It is thus not surprising that the result is a high quality fleece to mow. The fleece of these animals aresuperior to others in terms of luster, resilience, strength, the wicking and natural oils, not to mention the longevity of the fiber and its natural resistance to moisture .

The fleece shorn from live animals are carefully sorted and washed in hot waterwith vegetable-based soaps (no detergents, chemicals or chlorine bleach) to keep up the strength and resilience of the fibers.

Like the Green Sleep organic cotton, wool Green Sleep meets the highest organic standards of quality in the industry. Our wool meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex 100 certification of Oeko-Tex Association in Switzerland.

Why do well-informed consumers today are choosing Natural Wool

Natural wool provides the following unique advantages:

  • Resilience in terms of the shape for comfort, durability and appearance
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter (as light as the down but easier to clean)
  • Absorbance exceptional absorbs moisture to 35% of its own weight without being wet to the touch (excellent for the improvement of night sweats)
  • Natural mite repellent
  • Natural flame retardant

Green Sleep uses only natural rubber Class A support for the soul at the center of his mattress. Natural rubber is an ideal choice for flexibility and stability combined with superior comfort and support. Like organic cotton and wool Green Sleep Natural Rubber Green Sleep contributes to excellent control of heatand moisture.

Harvesting of natural rubber

To the soul of our natural rubber mattresses, we start with liquid latex – the sapor « milk » of Hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree common – planted by independent farmers in North Malaysia. For years, these farmers upgrade their organic farming methods in collaboration with the National Institute of Rubber in KualaLumpur. After many years of careful selection, the Malaysian plantation workershave managed to get the milk plant that may be suitable rubber poured into mattress cores of different degrees of firmness.

The souls of Green Sleep Natural Rubber from our own tree farm. Is applied to the seedlings to give a graft seed North Malaysia 600, which produces rubber,the purest and most resilient of all. « 600 North Malaysia » is a proprietary process to Green Sleep.

As might be expected, no latex, fiberfill or herbicides are used during growthand harvest.

Since the raw milk of rubber destabilizes when it is stored too long, Green Sleep has taken steps to ensure that the milk is turned into a rubber plantation near. In fact, by transforming raw milk from the rubber tree the day of harvest, it avoids the use of chemical stabilizers.

The milk harvested rubber is poured in the morning leaves in the afternoon and the leaves are shipped shortly after the establishment of the Canadian Green Sleep. To manufacture our rubber to the spot where the milk is harvested from the tree is not only a healthy choice for the environment but also a cost-effective choice.
This production method also helps the local economy. Jobs are created without depleting natural resources.

Why today’s informed consumer chooses natural rubber

It is not known generally that Hevea milk contains an antibacterial substance that acts as a repellent to dust mites. Natural rubber made ​​from this unique substance is also breathable and insensitive to temperature. This is why it is never moist or warm. Further more, it also contributes to the following propertiesof our products Green Sleep:

Maintaining the shape and firmness to support stable year after year

  • Durability and elasticity for the longevity of the mattress
  • Flexibility and stability for unparalleled comfort
  • Excellent control of heat and moisture Natural
  • Upper air circulation for the prevention of mold growth

Note that at the end of useful life of a mattress, natural rubber starts to degradeas it is a biodegradable vegetable substance. But this decomposition takes place only after years of well-being from your Green Sleep mattress and box spring.

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