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CIDER VINEGAR NATURAL PRODUCTS BENEFITS – Apple Cider Vinegar – Virtues Apple Vinegar Cider

CIDER VINEGAR NATURAL PRODUCTS BENEFITS – Apple Cider Vinegar – Virtues Apple Vinegar Cider


« Apple in the morning keeps the doctor away … « 

At read the literature on the subject, cider vinegar is a blessing of the gods
to cure and relieve almost all the ills of the earth. You already get my sarcasm is not it …

cider vinegar


Well according to studies on the subject, cider vinegar
took first place in the home remedies for treating a
host of ailments, from arthritis to dry skin.

Some properties that give it:

  • -fight tires and insomnia

  • Restores energy

  • Aid in the treatment of arthritis

  • – Helps digestion

  • – Relieves sore throat and laryngitis

  • – Relieves symptoms of asthma or flu

  • – Helps maintain healthy skin and reduce signs of aging

As a biologist by training, my first reaction was of course skeptical. No, but what is the relationship between all these evils, that cause physiologically, cider vinegar has an action so varied?


The Cider vinegar is rich in minerals (particularly potassium,
chlorine, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon), vitamins, acids
amino acids and trace elements. Many of the evils mentioned above may
indeed be created by mineral deficiency.

As for our topic here (but your beauty my dear!), Cider vinegar is made to set out on the many uses skin. We may add to its properties by steeping them plants (watch out for impatient, however, must wait 6 weeks to filter through and use it): one that creates an all-in-vinegar is delicious for salads, but also a precious fluid for use in the manufacture of toners, masks, wash hair (especially if you use handmade soap, which tends to dull the hair by leaving residues).

Obviously, the apple cider is very acidic, so you have to go sparingly if you have a tendency to react to fruit acids, for example. I had the unpleasant experience of having her face all puffy the morning after a shock treatment with cider vinegar, so be wiser and dilute it in water or do a « patch text » prior to go big …

Here below follows an excellent text that I found on the topic: even before I read the site, I had already made something similar!


It are several ways to use cider vinegar. The most used
is to drink as a beverage that is very refreshing:
two tablespoons of cider vinegar to a glass of water
possibly supplemented with one or two tablespoons of honey (to
early one can start with one tablespoon of vinegar and
honey). There are also apple cider vinegar capsules, sold
pharmacy or health food stores. People
who adopt this choice should however be aware that it is
important to drink at least a full glass of water with the intake of
caplets. For sinus problems, headaches and colds, it can
inhalations make cider vinegar. Two to three tablespoons
cider vinegar to a large bowl of boiling water. Se
cover your head above the bowl and inhale the fumes. Can
also use cider vinegar for a relaxing bath. A large
glass of cider vinegar in the bathwater.

FinallyHere is the recipe for the famous 4 thieves vinegar.
Lhas Legend has it that in France, in 1726, four thieves took advantage of
the plague to steal with impunity the belongings of people
having succumbed to the dreaded disease.
When they were finally apprehended, the judge offered them a lesser sentence in exchange for the secret that had been immune to the contagion of the evil feared. They told they anointed the body of a composition of vinegar to protect themselves and drank daily.

  • 20 g of rosemary
  • 20 g of lavender
  • 20 g of sage
  • 30 g ground cinnamon
  • 20 g of thyme
  • 20 g of mint
  • 30 g cloves
  • 20 g of wormwood
  • 30 g garlic
  • 5 g of camphor
  • 20 g street
  • 20 g of citric acid
  • 1 L of cider vinegar

Marinate at least 15 days. Then filtered and kept in the dark.

Used for flu 1 teaspoon in a glass of water several times
per day. To disinfect wounds and rubbing against the
aches. It is an antiseptic in case of epidemic diseases
contagious. It can be rubbed on the body

For more information on apple cider vinegar there are excellent books, including the comprehensive book Manon Desrocher, nd « the cider vinegar, my passion … his virtues. »

The virtues of apple cider vinegar for my skin …

Very rich in all kinds of nutrients, using apple cider vinegar
to keep skin soft, youthful and radiant with health. You must
But make sure you have in your possession a vinegar
apple cider craft which must come from organic farming and
be 100% pure, unpasteurized and is aged in oak barrels. Vinegar
cider you use n
e must not contain more than 4.5% acid
acetate. It should not be filtered or pasteurized and must be a
light golden color and clear. A vinegar made so
industry is ready in a few days, so it does not sufficiently
time to ferment, thus depriving him of all wealth
vitamin and mineral.

The pH of apple cider vinegar, with astringent, is very similar
to that of the skin, making it a beauty product effective and low
expensive. It is excellent for oily and problematic. Cons
Benign juvenile acne or any other kind of buttons, it warns
the emergence of co
mEdon. In addition, tightening the pores, it
contributes to slowing the aging of the skin by its action

Another quality cider vinegar is to erase all traces of
soap and cancel all limescale and chlorine content in
water and leave the unpleasant feeling of tightness or
tingling. Simply pour warm water in the sink and there
add a teaspoon or two of cider vinegar flavored
taste. Everyone can make their vinegar toilet
from a good cider vinegar, diluted with water and
flavored with herbs or flower essences.

The Cider Vinegar can be compared favorably with any creams or
firming masks called minute, the cost is exorbitant. It
is to use it exactly like one of those products, by mode
Job: On a perfectly cleansed skin, apply its
toilet favorite vinegar undiluted and expand its makeup

Here are some easy recipes to enhance the brightness of your face and your hair:

Moisturizing cream
45 ml (3 tbsp) olive oil
45 ml (3 tbsp) of oil, wheat germ
45 ml (3 tbsp) sunflower oil
45 ml (3 tbsp) cider vinegar

4 egg yolks
The ingredients should be at room temperature.
Mix the oil, beat the egg yolks and slowly add the
oils, stirring. Stir in cider vinegar and stir. Put
Then in a small jar and refrigerate.
Use this cream to moisturize your skin.

Incorporate three large strawberries crushed to 1 cup cider vinegar and let stand for 2 hours. Remove the excess vinegar and apply on face and neck before bed. Rinse
awakening. This mask nourishes skin and removes pimples and

Calming mask for sensitive skin
60 ml (4 tablespoons) of oatmeal
15 ml (1 tbsp) cider vinegar
45 ml (3 tbsp) water
Dilute the vinegar in water, then mix with flour, so
a thick paste (add a little flour if necessary).
Apply evenly on face and keep it until the whole
be dry. Then wash your face with warm water. Flush with his
favorite recipe for apple cider vinegar.

Pigment spots
Stir in 1c. teaspoon onion juice to 2c. tsp cider vinegar
and apply the stain with a cloth. Stains
should fade within weeks. (Since it does not feel
very good, it is better to apply before going to bed!)

The Apple cider vinegar eliminates dandruff and makes hair silky and
brilliant. After each shampoo, hair rinse with 2 cups
hot water spiked with a half-cup of cider vinegar. What

Combat l’obésité (le journal scientifique « The Medical World » a publié un rapport signalant son  efficacité dans l’amaigrissement à
raison de 1 kilo par mois selon les tests en consommant 40 gr/jour de vinaigre !!!), le Parkinson et l’hypertension

ARGAN OIL NATURAL BIO OIL Properties – Virtues and Benefits

ARGAN OIL NATURAL BIO OIL Properties – Virtues and Benefits


ARGAN OIL Natural… How argan oil fight Psoriasis-Baldness-Osteoarthritis-Rheumatism-burns-the heavy legs and other health problems?

ARGAN OIL natural treasure of vitality and health

Argan oil is a medicinal oil known since antiquity for its dermatological properties (care for skin conditions and hair).

100% organic argan oil for all fans of Alternative Medicine.

It is used pure or enriched with the possible addition of essential oils for massage revitalizing health, preventive and curative.

This oil is naturally rich in vitamin E and Omega-3 can be classified in the family of nutraceuticals.

This is a real concentrate of nature, sun and vitality.

In traditional medicine, argan oil deals mainly with:

– Stretch marks
– Brown Spots
– Burn (heat or sunlight)

Argan Oil in the fight against psoriasis:

 ARGAN OIL NATURALPsoriasis for up to 3% of the population. This is a skin condition usually locatedon the elbows, knees with frequent damage to the scalp.
Particularly unsightly, it results in the production of red patches covered withscales abundant, clean, dry and brittle.

Traditionally argan oil is used by the Berber tribes of southern Morocco to treat psoriasis.
The effects are remarkable and it is likely that this is due to the high vitamin E content of argan oil.

Learn more about Argan Oil in the fight against psoriasis

Argan Oil to heal and relieve rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain

 ARGAN OIL NATURALOsteoarthritis is a degenerative rheumatic disease that occurs most often after age 50.

It affects the cartilage bones of the joint.

For reasons not yet fully understood the cartilage breaks down and forms of « sticking points » in contact with bone pain of the joint.

Care for osteoarthritis physiotherapy proven, especially if the massages are done with the argan oil to regenerative virtues recognized.

Learn more about the argan oil to heal and relieve rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain

Argan Oil in the fight against Hair Loss and Baldness


Hair loss affects both men and women. Its scientific name is alopecia.

From 20 years but most often after age 35, men can go up to a total baldness, though some women may also suffer from alopecia, especially after childbirth ormenopause.

Thanks to the strong regenerative power of its essential component, vitamin E,argan oil can treat problems of hair, both for the man to the woman.

Learn more about Argan Oil in the fight against psoriasis


The cosmetic properties:

Argan oil is rich in natural ingredients and active ingredients, omega 6, vitamin E, antioxidant, they play an important role in cell renewal. Argan oil is also saidargan argan oil reduces wrinkles and nourishes dry skin, it penetrates quicklythus avoiding to have a fat deposit, it is a dry oil. Argan oil promotes healing oftraces left by acne, chicken pox, pimples and other skin irritations or attackssuch as stretch marks, cracks and burns.

The benefits of argan oil for hair:

Used for hair care, argan oil in favor of strengthening and shine the hair dry, dulland fragile. All this naturally.

How to use argan oil on the hair?

To give strength and vitality to fragile hair, apply argan oil an hour beforeshampoo all over the hair, then wash and rinse .. Warning: Do not overdo it on the scalp or you’ll spend the bottle of shampoo!

Council for fragile hair:

To protect your hair from the drying effects of sun, sea salt, or chlorine, use arganoil by touching the hair styling.


Argan oil to combat stretch marks

 ARGAN OIL NATURALStretch marks are skin breaks. Essentially, it is women who are victims.

In particular, during the great changes that are physical puberty and pregnancy orslimming diets that follow one another.

Learn more about Argan Oil to combat stretch marks

Argan oil to combat dark spots

Brown spots on the face, neck, backs of hands and forearms are the result ofexposure to UV sunlight. These brown spots, also known as age spots,increases with age. However, they may appear in some subjects at 25 years.

Learn more about Argan Oil to combat dark spots

Argan oil to relieve tired legs




Prepare massage oil as well as before against rheumatism. Make touches on your legs with the palm and with your fingertips and let your hand glide over the entire leg.

Argan oil to allow for faster healing, soothe burns

Use your pure argan oil. The night before bed, apply directly to wounds, irritated areas or burns. That all your acts argan oil at night.

Argan Oil to restore circulation and return to fitness and vitality



Add to argan oil a few drops of essential oils of cinnamon, lemon and thyme.

Knead and mix your members (especially the legs) to penetrate deep into the dermis to allow better blood circulation, restore tone to your body and return tofitness and vitality.

Take your muscles regularly twist, firmly, slowly and then faster. This eliminatesmuscle tension, toxins and body fatigue states.
Finish by tapping to fully activate your blood circulation.

APPLE CIDER – Benefits Apple Cider Vinegar NATURAL PRODUCT to Lose Weight

APPLE CIDER HEALTH – Benefits Apple Cider Vinegar NATURAL PRODUCT to Lose Weight


The benefits of apple cider vinegar

APPLE CIDER : It was considered previously cider vinegar as an elixir of youth. It was used to clean, preserve food, disinfect. We also drank in small sips. Now, what are its real virtues?

Apple cider vinegar is made from crushed apples. The resulting juice is aged in oak barrels for a period of 10 to 12 months at a controlled temperature. This manufacturing method will give a pure cider vinegar to 100%. There are also market some industrial vinegars made in 48 hours. These vinegars may contain artificial colors and preservatives. What are its real virtues?

Miracle food?
Several medicinal properties attributed to cider vinegar. Let’s be realistic and still believe that food just like everyone else. Apple cider vinegar can at best improve your health, but its use will not cure you of all your ills.

Apple cider vinegar possess interesting nutrients. Among others, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon and boron in varying amounts. They say it helps digestion, cleanses the urinary tract, helps reduce the bad calcium deposits, etc.. Externally, it would act as a balm for skin diseases and itching feet. It could also be used against sore throats (gargle with it) or inhalation (after boil) to get rid of headaches.

If you decide to try.
Consumption of cider vinegar do not instantly get rid of your health problems.But if you decide to use it, it is very important to obtain a beneficial effect, taking it daily. It is advisable to do so before the morning meal at rate of 1 to 2 tablespoons soup a day or as your tolerance. You can eat it in its pure form or diluted in water or juice. If heartburn occurs, stop use for some time. People with heartburn should be very careful so as not to aggravate the irritation. Do not eat it if you have stomach ulcers.

In sum, the cider vinegar can bring you benefits. It fits well with a diet high in fiber, healthy and balanced. But remember to review your diet and eliminate some of the foods that may cause you health problems (sweets, coffee, chocolate, fried) otherwise the cider vinegar will possibly little effect. re
Hair tonic
It makes hair very shiny and rigorous.
To be used at the very end of rinsing. (A glass)
The rinse water may be cold and the hair will be even more shine.
You can use a conditioner

BOOKS about apple cider vinegar

BED BUGS- HEALTH PROBLEMS due to Bed Bugs?! How to KILL BED BUGS get rid of bed bugs

BED BUGS- Health problems due to bed bugs?! How to KILL BED BUGS get rid of bed bugs?

Bed Bugs

How to kill bed bugs

Preparation for the treatment of bed bugs

Bed bugs have oval flattened bodies, wingless and measure 4-7 mm long. They are a shiny brown colored insect. They swell after a blood meal and then take a dark brown color. There are three stages in the development cycle of a flea: egg, nymph and adult. The eggs are white and about 1 mm long. The nymphs look the same as adults, but are smaller. The last stage takes six weeks to several months to happen. The bug is usually found in the bedroom where it feeds on the sleepers’ blood at night.

Bed bugs

Biology Bed bugs feed on human blood: The most common species is the common bed bug (Cimex Mlectularius). They are a serious nuisance and abundantly present.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs

A blood meal takes 10 to 15 minutes for the adult bedbug, but less time for the nymph. During the day, the bug lies mainly on the periphery of the mattress. Depending on the degree of the infestation, it is also found hidden in cracks on the walls, floors and furnitures, in bed frames, behind pictures and under the wallpaper, hiding places also serve as breeding sites.

A temperature of 44oC to 45oC (111oF – 113oF) is lethal to these bugs. Their survival time is assessed to about 20 minutes when the temperature is 65oC.

Adults can survive more than a year without getting any blood.


Bed bugs
Bed bugs

The bug does not get far from its host if it can eat from them regularly. If the infestation is heavy, they can migrate to other rooms. The absence of prey leads to a dispersion of the bug. Thus, when the bugs are present in a room where the people sleep regularly, they tend to stay put. Be careful because if you remove them from the room, the bugs will be dispersed throughout the house or even elsewhere in the building. If this is not the case, they move from one room to another while walking on the ground. Removal or displacement of articles already infested (furniture, bedding, clothing, suitcases, etc..) From an inhabited place to another is the main mode of spread of bedbugs.

Bed bugs

Importance for your health

Table 1 summarizes the main effects on the skin (and other more rare cases) associated with bedbug bites. The lesions are similar to those occasioned by a mosquito bite. Typically, bedbug bites appear as three to four bites in a straight line or grouped in one place on the skin, but if the house is seriously infested, several lesions may appear in multiple places on exposed skin when sleeping.

For most people, the bites will result in the formation of small reddish lesions that develop into elevated and hardened lesions. There is frequently a central puncture site of inoculation. These lesions cause severe itching, therefore, they are very troublesome. These lesions are more symptomatic in the morning and the intensity of redness and pruritus (itching) decreases during the day. The lesions occur mainly on exposed arms, legs and back. If the person is not stung again, the lesions disappear after two weeks.

Effects much less frequent but more serious may occur such as nettlerash and giant bulbous eruption that may be hemorrhagic. Children with atopy (allergies) are more likely to develop papular urticaria. Finally, anaphylactic reactions have rarely been documented (see Table 1 for a brief description of these effects on health).

In another words, secondary bacterial infections can occur from recurrent scratching from itching. However, this case is rare.

Table 1. Summary of skin problems associated with bedbugs

Type of problem Brief Description Frequency
Wheal A smooth, slightly elevated, more reddish or pale skin surrounding the associated itching and usually transient. Following each bite
Nettlerash Rapid swelling of the skin with severe itching. Rare
Bulbous eruptions sometimes bleeding Similar to the bells on the skin, sometimes filled with blood. Rare
Papular urticaria Presence of papules 3 to 10 mm, sometimes surmounted by a vesicle that is more persistent than the wheals or typical nettlerash. These lesions can last from several weeks to several months. They are generally clustered and occur more often in young children. We can find these lesions on exposed parts. Rare

No research has focused on the impact of an infestation by bugs on mental health and sleep. However, some references indicate that repeated bug bites could cause insomnia and anxiety.

Although at one time bug bites were suspected of transmitting viral hepatitis, or to develop anemia caused by multiple stings, so far, no proof of disease transmission by bugs or development of anemia has been documented.

Improper application of insecticides on mattresses to eliminate bugs can have important effects on health, particularly towards children. This practice is therefore to be avoided (see next section).

Control Measures

When the presence of bedbugs is suspected, it is strongly advised to call a professional to ensure that they are located correctly and that the various control methods (including the use of insecticides in some areas) are adequately made according to the standards. exterminators must first ensure that the right product is used and that insecticides are not spread over the beds of people. The exterminator is coming every month out of two in order to kill the bugs that will hatch despite the first use of insecticide. Several steps must be taken by the occupant during the process of extermination. These measures are explained to tenants by the firm responsible of the extermination.

Locating the insects

The infestation can be confirmed by the discovery (in the potential hiding places of bedbugs) of live insects, exuviae, eggs or faeces. These can be visible as small dark brown or black spots on the sheets, walls and wallpaper, and sometimes even in electrical appliances.

Control Methods

1. Physical Barriers

Simple barriers may be used. A barrier can be made by coating the legs of the bed with a few inches of petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

However, it should ensure that no part of the bed touches a wall that would provide an alternative access to the bed.

2. Cleaning by vacuum

Vacuuming is a very effective way to remove bugs already present. It is recommended to vacuum the mattress and box springs particularly where the seams, folds and structures are in the infested beds. If the outer envelope of the mattress is torn, bed bugs may have seeped inside it. If so, you may be obliged to dispose of the mattress, in this case, it is very important to clearly indicate that the mattress is infested so as not to shift the problem elsewhere. You should also vacuum the floor and where it is suspected that the bugs are hiding. Be sure to get rid of the vacuum bag immediately, without opening it, in a place where bugs can’t disperse again.

Used furniture should always be carefully inspected and cleaned before being used. Bedbugs are easily dispersed through the exchange of furniture or clothes.

3. Cleaning the bedding

Bedding (pillowcases, sheets, mattress covers, etc.) and linen should be washed with hot water and soap. The bedding should be placed directly into the washer from a plastic bag to prevent the spread of bedbugs in the laundry room and around the building.

4. Use of insecticides

We recall that it is always advisable to hire a professional exterminator to treat your home with insecticides. It will use a registered insecticide while respecting the recommendations designed to minimize the risks associated with the use of these products. Among the effective insecticides, it is preferable to use pyrethrins, pyrethroids and boric acid, as these products have a lower toxicity to humans than many other types of insecticides. People should avoid to do the extermination themselves, since the bugs are often resistant to the product used. If the product is misused, it will aggravate the problem rather than decrease it. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to use hot steam for the treatment of the mattress which are favorite places for bugs. This technique is effective and can significantly reduce children’s exposure to insecticides.

Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are sprayed everywhere we can find bedbugs, or along cracks in the walls, floor and furniture, bed frames, behind pictures and under the wallpaper. You must ventilate the area after the application of insecticides. Neither people nor animals should enter the rooms during the application of treatment or re-enter treated areas within two hours after treatment, and preferably six hours after treatment. It is also important to not walk barefoot on treated areas until 24-48 hours.

Boric acid is applied along the cracks in walls, floors, behind furniture and under the wallpaper that generally have bedbugs.

The insecticides do not work on the eggs. We must therefore repeat the treatment a month after applying the first treatment to ensure that the problem is eliminated.


Bed bugs
Bed bugs

Adults: 5-8 mm
Nymphs: 1-5 mm
Eggs: 1 mm
Antennas: 4 segments

The color varies from a pale yellow to a brownish red depending on the stage of development and blood ingested.

/ Signs of infestation

  • Bites
  • Bloodstains on the sheets or pillows
  • Faeces (black spots)
  • Exuviae (empty skin left behind after moulting)
  • Adults and nymphs
  • eggs (white)
  • A peculiar smell musty or moldy (infestations)


Bed bugs
Eggs Bed bugs

Egg production:

  • 1 to 5 eggs per day per adult female
  • Up to 500 eggs per female in his life
  • The eggs are attached by a sticky secretion
  • 6 to 10 days to hatch

Life cycle

  • from egg to adult: 21 days at 30 ° C and 120 days at 16 ° C (relative humidity 75-80%)
  • 5 nymphal stages requiring a blood meal and a moulting to the next stage
  • Life expectancy under normal conditions: 316 days
  • 3 to 4 generations per year

Development Factors

  • Minimum temperature for development: 13 ° C
  • Lethal temperatures: Low: -16 ° C constant for 4 days. High: 50 ° C for 3 hours.
  • Much prefer human blood but merely a warm-blooded animal.
  • Their meals take 3 to 12 minutes.
  • Under certain conditions, adult bed bugs can survive a year without feeding.


  • Bedbugs move into the bags, luggage, furniture and other objects and are carried by people.
  • Once introduced, they are often spread throughout the building.
  • They tend to move as close as possible to their food source.
  • They can move anywhere when the population increases.
  • When disturbed or hunted, they hide anywhere.
  • They gather in groups in their hiding places where they lay eggs, defecate and moult.
  • The bugs come out at night but could be active by day if the food is not available at night or during a severe infestation.
  • Bedbugs are attracted by carbon dioxide, heat and body odor.
  • We generally observed that when given a choice, prefer to bite children first, then women and men as a last choice.
  • Bedbugs prefer a dry, semi obscure, tissues or uneven surfaces.
  • Its preference is for wood surfaces, paper and tissues.
  • Bedbugs disdain drafts, polished surfaces and metal objects, but they can still navigate.
  • They do not like the movement.
  • After treatment, if no bite or no evidence of the presence of bugs is found in a period of 45 days, the problem is almost certainly set. If there is occurrence of bugs or bites after a period of 45 days without activity, bedbugs have very likely been reintroduced.

Factors of the bedbugs’ resurgence in the world

  • Although nearly exterminated in North America after World War II, bedbugs have remained widespread in Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Europe.
  • Bugs naturally settle in the bags, luggage, furniture and other objects and are carried by the millions of visitors and tourists.
  • The more targeted use of insecticides and bait traps for several years has given free rein to bugs.
  • The recall of several insecticides that were effective against bedbugs and other restrictions on the use of insecticides.
  • Lack of knowledge of our own health and of the population in general helped to disperse the bugs before making a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Health risk

  • Although bugs can sometimes carry human pathogens, no study could prove they also transmit it. For this reason, Health Canada does not consider it a public health problem. We believe that this could change.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Infections of the wounds if you scratch
  • Isolation or psychological problems
  • Repeated exposure to insecticides if multiple treatments are inconclusive
  • Respiratory problems due to exuviae’s particles of bugs that are found in the air.

Bite Reaction

Bed bugs
Bite of Bed bugs
  • Reactions can vary greatly from one person to another depending on his degree of sensitivity
  • Normally, small red swelling appears because of an allergy some people have. It is a reaction to the saliva injected by the bug
  • 30% of the population have no reaction after being stung
  • The reaction can occur up to 2 weeks after the bite

Working with your landlord and / or manager of property is desirable and even crucial to overcome the infestation. It will be important to contact him to get a date for the treatment.

Talk with him to know how all the stages of the preparation are going before the treatment. Listed below are the recommendations that will help you prepare the affected areas of your home for the treatment.

kill Bed bugs
Kill Bed bugs
  • Empty the closets, drawers, desks. Place bedding and clothing in plastic bags, close them and take them out of the room. Make sure all bags are securely closed before moving from one room to another.
  • Wash bedding and clothing in the hottest water possible, then dry them at the highest temperature. Replace all bedding and clothing in new plastic bags and close them again.
  • All carpets, handmade carpets, upholstery and imported fabrics require steam cleaning and / or professional dry cleaning.
  • Throw away unnecessary clutter and remove any objects lying on the floor. Wash all floors, desks, drawers, closets housing before treatment.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to capture bed bugs and eggs. Vacuum crevices of the mattress on the bed frame, box spring, headboard, bed legs, baseboards, quarter round, trim and all the objects that are near the bed. Repeat the same process in all parts of the house. Make sure the vacuum has a bag that can be removed after each use. Avoid using bag-less vacuums. Vacuum every day after the application of insecticide and remove the bag after each use.
  • 24 hours after treatment, you can put the lingerie and clothing in the desks, dressers, drawers, closets and night stands. Do not wash the insecticide for at least 30 days or 90 days, for best results.

No animals, fish, reptile or bird should be in contact with the workpiece infected for at least 30 days after application of the insecticide.

When the treatment is done, particularly when the mattress and pillows have been treated, we recommend closing the door of the room in question and preferably wait at least 24 hours before returning to sleep, especially if it’s a child’s room. Although low toxicity pesticides are recommended, you should still respect the delay to reduce the risk of exposure and particularly for those who are more sensitive. Once the delay is over, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation of the room, ideally, by opening the window for some time. After making sure the mattress is dry, you will then have to put a mattress cover in plastic with a zipper, clean sheets and pillowcases before going to bed again.

If the mattress, box springs, futons, sofa beds and chairs have cracks and / or holes, they must be put in the trash. You will have to make sure it is respecting the environment and public health.

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ARGAN OIL BENEFITS an Effective remedy against Psoriasis – A pure natural product is 100% – Argan Oil for Regenerative PSORIASIS ADVANCE

ARGAN OIL BENEFITS an Effective remedy against Psoriasis – A pure natural product is 100% – Argan Oil for Regenerative PSORIASIS ADVANCE


The psoriasis is a disease skin and scalp which affects both men and women, especially Caucasians.

This dermatosis key 1 to 3% population whose appearance particularly unattractive may have a repulsive effect in everyday life. In addition subjects with psoriasis have a higher probability of being victims of myocardial infarction And more so that affected areas are expanded.

Guttate psoriasis

But today it is possible contenir, mitigate and avoid extension of psoriasis through Benefits 100% organic of natural argan oil.


We still do not know the precise causes of psoriasis is suspected but familial and genetic this condition. Indeed, 30% of victims of this serious skin disease have a family member who also suffers, either 10 to 30 times more than the average prevalence rate in the population.

A number of genes have been identified as risk markers of psoriasis with PSOR located on the chromosome 6 and seems to be involved in more than one in three of psoriasis family.

But the disease would also components auto-immune, microbiological and environmental, at least as triggers.

Psoriasis is caused by the fact thatEpidermis renews itself too quickly. In just 4-6 days instead of three weeks normally. In addition it leads to local inflammation.

Because of this renewal too fast epidermal cells accumulate on the surface of the skin and form what are called «  dander ‘, That is to say, layers of white dandruff-looking unsightly even if they are only cell layers dead.

Psoriasis on the elbows

These scales covering red patches highlight the number and size variables and can change over time. The Psychosocial are important in the relationship of the person with psoriasis with his family, and colleagues in all aspects of everyday life.

In addition, psoriasis which causes severe itching scratching induced new lesions with risk of on bacterial infection.

Furthermore we note in the dermis under the epidermis the presence of numerous white blood cells, or leukocytes Which suggest a more or less direct the immune system.

Outbreaks of psoriasis are often associated with periods of stress or demonstrated Infectious factors such as streptococci, but it is difficult to pinpoint the trigger. By cons, it was shown that alcohol is an aggravating factor Psoriasis and some type drugs beta-blockers because of their cardiovascular effects. Only qualified medical personnel is able to judge. Similarly, care must be taken, but with lower risk with drugs such as sartans andenalapril.

By cons, there are natural treatments as massage oil argan that allow effectively fight against psoriasis no side effects.

The 2 main forms of psoriasis

Indeed, there are 2 forms of psoriasis:

  1. a mild or only parts of the body are affected: the scalp, the nails of the feet or hands, feet or hands, knees or elbows and sometimes genitals.
  2. A severe form or the whole body can be affected

Psoriasis appears most significantly at 2 ages:

  1. Among pre-adolescents, adolescents and young adults, between 10 and 20 years.
  2. But especially patients mature, between 50 and 60 years.

This dermatitis is a chronic evolving differently from one topic to another between advanced and remissions whose durations differ individually. These remissions can reach tens of years. The lesions disappear and it is said that psoriasis is «  milled . But periods of remission duration are highly variable and they are never complete and final.

Is unknown to date no complete cure psoriasis but it is possible dealOf decrease its intensity andbring Victim of this skin disease a better quality of life. In particular, in natural and organic treatments, the argan oil allow a significant relief of this dermatosis.

As evidenced by the traditional use of this natural oil and totally organic, derived from the fruit of the argan tree, in the Berber tribes of southern Morocco to treat this dermatosis.



This is the type of psoriasis most frequently encountered in more than 90% of cases. The affected areas of the body lesions are red, irritated and have large scales. The center of the lesion is normal but when the scales fall they leave the skin raw.

When part of the body is reached, its symmetric part is often. So if the right elbow is hit, the left is also.
Plaque psoriasis achieved the elbows, knees, scalp, lower back and the area around the navel and may affect body healed old wounds.

Guttate psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis is noticed by a proliferation of small drops of psoriasis on all body parts. Because of their small size these little white drop faster than the plates and leave the body less to live.

You can find this type of psoriasis on all parts of the body subject to friction due to clothing: size (belts skirts and pants), forearms (wrists shirts and sweatshirts), breast (bra straps), but also scalp and earlobes.

Pustular psoriasis

Pustular psoriasis

This is the result of the worsening of psoriasis and proliferation of squamous layers. Pustules are formed flat white and yellow tend to be welded. These pustules are amicrobial and are often located between the toes or hands.

Inverse psoriasis

This type of psoriasis is localized in the folds of the arm (shoulder, elbow and wrist) and leg (hip, knee folds and instep). Attacks are less but more irritated scaly and sometimes oozing

Erythrodermic psoriasis

Erythrodermic psoriasis

This is a form of psoriasis affecting the entire integument and having congestive redness of the skin (erythema). The scales are thin and fall in large pieces often accompanied by fever and anorexia. It is often accompanied der superinfections
and hair and nails may fall.

Nail psoriasis

Psoriasis nail on the toe nails and hand. It is present in half of cases of psoriasis. The nail shows a speckled white, become brittle and often flips.

Psoriatic arthritis

This is a complication of skin lesions in 5-25% of cases of psoriasis, but it can happen before in a few cases.

It is an inflammation with symptoms of arthritis. It is an inflammatory arthritis, deforming and can be very debilitating chronic.

He can be reached:

Is the axis of the body (neck, spine and especially the sacroiliac area or peripheral areas, often in the phalanges of the fingers of the hand or foot. In this case, fingers and nails are often affected by psoriasis.



The medicated creams for local treatment

  • The Corticosteroids act on psoriasis, but their positive impact often interrupted immediately after cessation of treatment. In addition, there is gradual desensitization which requires increasing the ointment as and its application.
  • The Calcipotriol (Vitamin D derivative) acts as a substitute for UV exposure but treatment is limited because at high doses it is toxic.
  • The Taratozène (Derived from vitamin A), but its tolerance is still lower than calcipotriol.
  • The Tars were previously used against psoriasis but particularly dirty, they could make it look as repulsive as the scales regardless of whether they might contain carcinogens.
  • The Anthralène is a derivative of tar. It is also messy and more often with a strong irritant.


Thesun exposure is a traditional treatment for psoriasis but is not recommended in 10% of cases.

The Ultraviolet A and B must be performed under strict medical supervision and have the disadvantage of having a threshold variable patient pain of photoaging or skin cancers.

The PUVA combines tablets Psoralen just before UVA exposure However, with the risk of skin sensitization.

Systemic treatments

They are medically prescribed for more severe forms of psoriasis. Taken orally or by injection and spread throughout the body, often with serious side risks.

Known as the Methotrexate, the Acitretin Do not administer to pregnant women, the Cyclosporine with the risk of weakening auto-immune system.

Some antibodies are also known as the Alefacept.
The Efalizumab whose effectiveness at least in the medium term is demonstrated. For his part Etanercept has a good efficacy against psoriatic arthritis.

The Argan Oil, a traditional remedy for psoriasis

Argan Oil

The argan oil is a traditional remedy of Berber tribes of South-Morocco to fight against psoriasis.

Applied after bathing in anointing the parts affected, its effectiveness is proven especially coupled with a slight exposure to the sun.

It is assumed, but the mechanisms of action are not fully understood, that this efficiency is related to the high regenerative power of vitamin E including the argan oil is high.

This treatment is totally natural and organic.

HAIR LOSS-BALDNESS – Hair Loss MEN- Alopecia-MEN and WOMEN – There are anti hair loss as a natural and drug Propecia

HAIR-LOSS-BALDNESS – Hair Loss MEN- Alopecia-MEN and WOMEN – There are anti hair loss as a natural and drug Propecia

Baldness or ALOPECIA


Why Hair Loss Sudden or Slow?
How about it?
Is there a SOLUTION a natural or an anti Hair loss?

That many questions that arise every person who is found in this state with premature hair loss.What is normality?

L'image “http://img.bleskovky.sk/20532.jpg/bruce-willis.jpg” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.

We lose our hair every day,and it’s normal.Lose fifty hairs a day is quite normal.But then,if the fall is more important, it is important to respond, because there is a beginning to a specific cause.

Why we are born with this or that capital hair?

The hair seems little influenced by the external environment and the transmission of their main characteristics is largely genetic.

However, as the nails, they consist mainly of protein (keratin) and their health isinfluenced by food hygiene of the person.

Drug for baldness


Propecia contains the active ingredient, finasteride, known as Alpha reduct ase inhibitor type II 5.

How does Propecia?

Propecia blocks the action of a compound in the body called type II 5 alphareductase. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone that can damage the hair follicles, causing hair loss in men who are sensitive to this hormone.

Propecia blocks the action of alpha reductase type II 5 and thus the formation of DHT. The decrease in the amount of DHT in the blood and the scalp can lead to stopping the process of hair loss.

Propecia increases hair growth and prevents hair loss due to male pattern baldness. Once started treatment with Propecia, it may take 3 to 6 monthsbefore you notice a real decrease in the loss of hair or increased density.Continued use of this drug is recommended for maximum results.

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Explanation of the life of a hair


Their number: between 90,000 and 150,000

Their origin, their roots are from the follicles or hair follicles that are between 15 and 25 cycles of life

Each bulb is attached to the sebaceous gland (which develops especially afterpuberty)

The transmission characteristics of a hair is mostly genetic

The diameter of a human hair varies between 0.05 mm and 0.1 mm

Each life cycle of a human hair is well defined there are three important phases of the life of our hair:

Most of our hair is in a growth phase (that is, they are between 2 and 5 years).This is the longest phase of the life of the hair, in which each hair can grow from 0.75 to 1.5 cm per month.

At this growth phase followed by a preparation phase of three weeks: the hair is getting ready for the resting phase

A resting phase of 3 months which leads to hair loss.

Then the cycle begins again: a new hair regrowth and replaces one that fell.



About 65% of men experiencing hair loss problem

  • 38% victims of baldness or alopecia localized become partially bald.
    These hair loss can start as young as 18 years, they reach one in three men at thirty, and nearly one in two men around fifty.


About 70% of women are faced with a problem of hair loss in a period of their lives, but they are generally favored a view to hormonal menopause or pre-menopause.
Some women more sensitive on a genetic point of view, can suffer from diffuse alopecia: hair, in this case, become very fine.

Androgenetic Alopecia

What is it?

Hair loss due to two factors: a hormonal factor, and a hereditary factor.

Genetic susceptibility of the scalp androgen (male hormone whose main subject is, in this case, testosterone). So this is a predisposition in the field.

It may be more commonly known as seborrheic alopecia or baldness « classic »because it affects 90% of men with alopecia

She moved slowly and diffusely.

It is directly related to male hormones in the blood, but mainly affects the scalp.These are the hair follicles of the frontal areas, parietal (temples) and the top of the skull that are most sensitive to these hormonal disturbances.

Androgenetic alopecia in women appeared there twenty years. Since it affects a growing number

In women androgenetic alopecia is a refinement of the hair. It is less spectacular than in men, focusing on the top of the skull or on the line.

The human body produces androgens as well as that of women (20 times lessthan in men). All of the androgen is secreted by the gonads (testes and ovaries, 40%) and adrenal glands (60%). These hormones have many functions but for both sexes and there is a genetic susceptibility, they accelerate and shorten the life cycle of hair follicles.

In the case of a genetic hypersensitivity, the hair becomes finer and shorter.Then, exhausted bulbs shrink, producing more than a fine down, that’s whatleads to baldness

Family history is a critical factor in determining androgenetic alopecia.

Explanations of a physiological point of view


On the scalp, testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) under the influence of the enzyme 5α-reductase. DHT stimulates the sebaceous glands which increase sebum production. This effect is particularly apparent in adolescence. Stagnant sebum in the hair follicle will gradually clog. Therefore,the scalp thicken, preventing blood vessels to feed the bulb.

Another negative effect of DHT is known to shorten the growth phase of hairand its life cycle, which makes the hair thinner and more fragile.

Is the transmission of genes from the mother alopecia or father, or both, both in boys than in girls, that causes this genetic predisposition.

These genes stimulate the activity of 5 alpha-reductase, which in turn leads to amuch greater secretion of DHT.
We must therefore understand that in this case, it is not the amount of testosterone secreted is in question, but how « abnormal » it is used and converted by the genetically programmed hair follicles. In other words, it is not a hormonal disorder, but an abnormal receptor bulbs.

If there is no genetic predisposition, the two substances combine harmless anddo not interfere in any way the normal physiological development of the hair.

Androgenetic Alopecia in Women


Family history is a key factor in the diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia.

But more than 20% of women with no history in their family and yet have clinical signs of this alopécie.Arround 30% of women suffer from androgenetic alopecia.

This predisposition is associated with hypersensitivity to androgens and hyperactivity of the enzyme 5α-reductase. As humans in this case, it will be imperative to act locally (at the scalp) on androgen production and 5α-reductase.

It is very important to act at the first sign of abnormal fall, because once used up any capital hair back will never be possible. Care for external application can improve the appearance of hair, however it is not enough to guarantee the integrity of hair follicles. An internal processing-time, which if necessary could be renewed at certain times of life, is absolutely essential. However, it is very important to know the type of fall which the person is facing in order to choose the treatment best suited fall.

Androgenetic alopecia is very easy to diagnose in women: the hair is thinning only on the top of the head and sometimes on the temples, while the hair of the neck and temples is dense and well stocked. This alopecia begins with a widening of the median line. The hair becomes thinner and sometimes it goes hand in hand with seborrhoea. It is irreversible if we do not address the problem.

Androgenetic alopecia in men


This is the most common hair loss in men.

It affects both young men from the age of 20-22 years (20%) than men in their forties 50% of men from the age of 50 suffer from androgenetic alopecia. This alopecia is a hereditary predisposition that is to say, it is usually transmitted from father to son. This does not mean that all men suffering from androgenetic alopecia have a child predisposed to this type of alopecia. This is related to hyperactivity of the enzyme 5α-reductase, it is essential to regulate, but it is impossible to completely inhibit because it is inevitably linked to the production of testosterone.

It recognizes the hair loss androgenetic its location. Bare areas are the upper front (gulfs bilateral) or the top of the skull, the fall in the area usually starts with a tonsure, while the neck and temples remain dense and well furnished. This decline stems from the overactive alphareductase 5.

This enzyme will convert locally and excessive testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Rate too high will cause DHT shortens the growth phase of the hair.

The length of each hair cycle will significantly decrease from a few years to months. The hair cycles, normally scheduled to last a lifetime, will therefore run out much faster. Excess DHT usually causes increased activity of the sebaceous glands surrounding the hair bulbs. This excess seborrhea will gradually clog the pores of the bulb that slowly suffocate. Meanwhile, the scalp is not well vascularized, or fed. All these phenomena will lead to atrophy of the bulb, resulting in a first thinning hair, and then a gradual and total loss of hair on areas of more extensive scalp.

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Other types of Alopecia

Alopecia Areata

In this case, hair loss occurs on one or more well-defined areas of the scalp (usually round plates). Its evolution is unpredictable. Sometimes the hair growsspontaneously in a few months, and in other cases, alopecia areata can progress to total baldness or persist for many years.

Whatever the origin, recurrences are common.

Stress is a factor in the development of alopecia areata, but yet its origin is not always psychosomatic (emotional shock, heavy stress). The causes are not always well defined.

Often there is a microscopically visible inflammation around the hair follicle.Then there is a slowdown in growth of the hair of up to stop the shoot.Inflammation is probably due to a reaction-type autoimmune disease. In this case, the antibodies attack the hair follicle which slows or suspends its function,so far without permanently or completely destroyed.

Alopecia areata may also be caused by out breaks neighbors (dental, eye or sinus).

Seborrheic Alopecia


It’s not alopecia as such, but rather an aggravating factor or progressive. Indeed,excess sebum is secreted in excess by the glands surrounding the hair bulb. sebum (grease) blocks the pore of the bulb by which the hair grows. The bulband choke tends to atrophy. If this phenomenon is associated with hormonal imbalance local, one enters the pattern of androgenetic alopecia.

All bald people have not developed an office seborrhea, and oily hair do not fallinexorably.

In women, as men prone, stress promotes excessive seborrhea, dandruff anditchy scalp.

The Telogen effluvium

It is a form of baldness in men or women, which manifests itself in excessive hair loss and sudden on the entire scalp.

The extent of hair loss in telogen effluvium is distinguished from androgenetic alopecia which covers only specific areas of the scalp it concerns a minority of men.

This type of alopecia is caused by deficiencies, external factors or disorders of the body and appears for example in severe systemic diseases, severe stress resulting from surgery or injury, fever, diet too severe, carencesen iron, etc..

These abundant hair loss (sometimes with handles) are usually reversible once you detect and remove the trigger for the fall.

The causes of telogen effluvium passing are very diverse: pregnancy, childbirth,seasonal changes, major surgery, prolonged illnesses, emotional shock intensity, the decree making birth control, etc..

In some cases, hair loss in telogen effluvium may be or become sustainable if they are not treated well. Be especially vigilant during prolonged depression or during chronic stress, when medication long term. Should be monitored metabolic disorders due to a drastic diet or anorexia. And when hair lossabundant and wide spread across the scalp, it is necessary to rule out certain possible causes and sneaky as deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, calcium oriron, and possible thyroid problems or hormonal .

When should we worry?

Male or female, it is normal to lose hair every day. It is like any other fabric, are generation or renewal of our cells and elimination of dead cells or too old. However, if this process accelerates or worsens in any way whatsoever, it is necessary to act quickly to avoid depletion of your capital « hair bulb » which, remember it, is limited.

Losing every day fifty hair is perfectly normal. But if you feel that your hair is thinwith no body or dull, nothing prevents you from performing a course of about 3months of specific nutrients and vitamins.

This definitely will restore vitality, shine and health to your hair.

If you lose between 50 to 80 hairs a day, there is nothing alarming, but it is necessary, even in prevention, take the necessary action depending on the typeof hair loss that you have (stress, deficiency, predisposition androgenetic ,pathologies)

The loss of hair over 80 is considered alarming. It should not be allowed to occur or continue the problem. A real attack treatment with natural products and specific should therefore be undertaken as soon as possible.

Act quickly!

Hair care efficient and adapted, there are for men and women of all ages.

Treatments against hair loss are effective if they act on different aspects of the problem. On the one hand, it is essential to stimulate the vital functions of the hair to compensate for various causes of falls (negative effects of androgens, stress, external aggression, etc.).. On the other hand, for out patient care(shampoo, lotion, massage, etc.). Must detoxify and cleanse the scalp to eliminate toxins and dead cells. In addition, it is essential to enable the vasodilation of the scalp to promote blood circulation to hair roots.

Improved local circulation of the scalp facilitates the provision of vitamins, minerals

and amino acids provided by adequate and nutritional supplements. Theremineralization of the hair by stimulating domestic growth.

Ideally, of course, in parallel, closely monitor your lifestyle. When the body is neglected, the first cells to suffer the consequences is the rapid turn over in cells, such as hair or skin. Watch your diet daily, this does shoed that potentiate the effects of anti-fall.

In all cases of hair loss, light massage of the scalp, even a few minutes a daystimulate regrowth the better they are associated with successful treatment.

Women’s Specifics

The woman is more subject to various hormonal changes during certain slices of life (stress, childbirth, menopause, premenopause …). During these moments, hair poorer, the bulbs become brittle and duration of hair cycles is sometimes reduced if the scalp is too responsive to male hormones, androgens.

These phenomena begin to significantly valuable « capital bulbs » and that, sometimes in just a few years.

Specifics Men’S

The majority of men believe that alopecia is hereditary and incurable, yet it is entirely false!

A simple lotion, if it is quality, can help improve the appearance of your hair and even stop the fall, but not enough to re-nourish the hair and scalp thoroughly, or stop imbalances hormonal or seborrheic with a deeper origin.

It is essential to act effectively and at the first sign of abnormal falls, for that itwill opt for an internal processing long-term or ad hoc to be renewed at certain times of life.

Whatever the origin of the fall, if you want to get rejected, it is essential tostimulate the activity of hair follicles by an oral treatment containing nutrients and vitamins.

Natural and appropriate care can reverse this sensitivity and hormonal excess sebum.

With effective treatment and quality, it is more difficult to treat a man a woman and the results are equally compelling regardless of gender.


Local Action

Androgenetic alopecia is an imbalance of androgens in different places well localized in the skin.

Taking into account this parameter local imbalance, recent medical research has created a new approach and innovative aesthetic technology.

New generations of natural cosmetic products have appeared on the market to counter local hormonal imbalances. Their effects are much less aggressive than those of chemical molecules such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. In addition, they do not affect the overall hormone levels and therefore no side effects and no cons-indication.

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According to many experts, the consumption of Vitamin C would be for most people too low. To keep you in good health and have effective protection against disease, researchers estimate that the Recommended Dietary vitamin C shouldbe at least 200 mg per day!

1. What are the advantages of an adequate intake of Vitamin C?

The vitamin is known for fighting;

* colds
* Fatigue
* Stress
* Prevent heart disease
* Cataracts
* Macular degeneration
* Anti-carcinogenic

But that’s not all!

We know the benefits of this valuable vitamin in strengthening the immune system. It contributes notably to the formation of red blood cells while helping toiron absorption in plants.

But did you know that:

* Vitamin C also contributes to improved wound healing.
* At an antioxidant function – very important – in the fight against free radicals,which attack precisely those cells, responsible for your aging.
* It helps to produce collagen, a protein essential for the formation of connective tissue of the skin? And yes ladies, your skin also depends on your takingenough Vitamin C …

Where to find sufficient amounts of Vitamin C?

Be aware that fruits and vegetables are the main source of vitamin C. It should be consumed raw mainly because the vitamin can not stand cooking.

It is found mainly in:

* Broccoli
* Strawberry
* Lemon
* Tomato
* Orange
* Raspberries
* Grapefruit
* Parsley
* The kiwi

1. Anticancer activity!

The scientist, Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate said that two large doses of Vitamin C at a rate of 2 g or more per day, were able to fight againstcarcinogenesis. It was noted in particular that was a help and an adjuvant to chemotherapy against cancer.

Another study of 85,000 nurses who were followed for 16 years, hasdemonstrated this surprising. Two groups were evaluated. One not takingadditional vitamin C, the other yes. However, the group that consumed thevitamin C supplement showed increased protection against coronary heart disease.

Finally, nine other studies on 290 000 men and women conducted in 2004showed that an intake (700 mg over 10 years) Vitamin C 25% reduced risk ofcoronary heart disease.

1. Little practical advice:

Do not overcook your vegetables and keep food warm. Preparation is moresophisticated and cooked vegetables, more food starting loses vitamin C.Prefer baking potatoes, such as steam or twists. Freshly squeezed orange juiceevery morning, or better yet, a kiwi, already provide on their own half of our daily requirement of vitamin C. A healthy balanced diet should be enough to give usthe required dose. But in some cases it may be called to take charge. Know for example that smokers have a special need for vitamin C, each consuming 25mg cigarette

Well … to your plate to not grow old!

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