According to many experts, the consumption of Vitamin C would be for most people too low. To keep you in good health and have effective protection against disease, researchers estimate that the Recommended Dietary vitamin C shouldbe at least 200 mg per day!

1. What are the advantages of an adequate intake of Vitamin C?

The vitamin is known for fighting;

* colds
* Fatigue
* Stress
* Prevent heart disease
* Cataracts
* Macular degeneration
* Anti-carcinogenic

But that’s not all!

We know the benefits of this valuable vitamin in strengthening the immune system. It contributes notably to the formation of red blood cells while helping toiron absorption in plants.

But did you know that:

* Vitamin C also contributes to improved wound healing.
* At an antioxidant function – very important – in the fight against free radicals,which attack precisely those cells, responsible for your aging.
* It helps to produce collagen, a protein essential for the formation of connective tissue of the skin? And yes ladies, your skin also depends on your takingenough Vitamin C …

Where to find sufficient amounts of Vitamin C?

Be aware that fruits and vegetables are the main source of vitamin C. It should be consumed raw mainly because the vitamin can not stand cooking.

It is found mainly in:

* Broccoli
* Strawberry
* Lemon
* Tomato
* Orange
* Raspberries
* Grapefruit
* Parsley
* The kiwi

1. Anticancer activity!

The scientist, Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate said that two large doses of Vitamin C at a rate of 2 g or more per day, were able to fight againstcarcinogenesis. It was noted in particular that was a help and an adjuvant to chemotherapy against cancer.

Another study of 85,000 nurses who were followed for 16 years, hasdemonstrated this surprising. Two groups were evaluated. One not takingadditional vitamin C, the other yes. However, the group that consumed thevitamin C supplement showed increased protection against coronary heart disease.

Finally, nine other studies on 290 000 men and women conducted in 2004showed that an intake (700 mg over 10 years) Vitamin C 25% reduced risk ofcoronary heart disease.

1. Little practical advice:

Do not overcook your vegetables and keep food warm. Preparation is moresophisticated and cooked vegetables, more food starting loses vitamin C.Prefer baking potatoes, such as steam or twists. Freshly squeezed orange juiceevery morning, or better yet, a kiwi, already provide on their own half of our daily requirement of vitamin C. A healthy balanced diet should be enough to give usthe required dose. But in some cases it may be called to take charge. Know for example that smokers have a special need for vitamin C, each consuming 25mg cigarette

Well … to your plate to not grow old!

Relief of osteoarthritis « ARGAN OIL » The benefits of the OSTEOARTHRITIS

Relief of osteoarthritis « ARGAN OIL » The benefits of the OSTEOARTHRITIS

New osteoarthritis with Argan Oil

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative rheumatic disease that occurs most often after age 50. This evolution often disabling rheumatism affects proportionately more women than men. It affects the bones, tendons, cartilage and muscles of the joints.


The joints are located at the juncture of the bones and allow their relative movement and thus the movement in general, such as walking or squatting, for example.

To do this the end of each bone in question is covered in their joint cartilage.Cartilage is a substance at once smooth, tough and elastic.

The entire joint is enclosed in the capsule that encloses hermetically inside the synovial membrane. This membrane produces synovial fluid that lubricates the joint in the same way as in an engine oil lubricates the cylinder.


Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects the cartilage bones of the joint. For reasons not yet fully understood the cartilage breaks down and forms of « sticking points » in contact with bone pain of the joint.

X-rays show abnormal wear of the cartilage and the distance between the bone ends is reduced. It is said that the joint « pinched ». The cartilage is thinner. In the limit of progressive osteoarthritis, the cartilage may disappear completely. Then there is direct contact and friction of bones with each other.


It is the joint pain that manifest osteoarthritis. The pain appear gradually. They are low at the beginning and do not show that in case of sustained effort. These pains are called « mechanical » because they occur only when the work of the joint.

There are periods of remission, periods where the pain is relatively mild and last periods when bursts of pain are important and very difficult to bear.

When not pushing, rest pain and calm nights are normal. But the joints become stiff and less mobile. In the morning it is often necessary to make a « joint stiffness. »

By cons, during periods congestive inflammatory and pain are intense, even at night! The rest did not calm down! These periods are often accompanied by congestive excessive production of synovial fluid. There is talk of synovial effusion, often very painful, and explains the congestion and swelling of the joint.

People with osteoarthritis are not condemned to disability so inevitable. Even if the joint is still stiff and deformed, the pain may subside over the years but often to find a good mobility, it is necessary to resort to surgery. The affected joint is then replaced by a joint replacement, routine operation for hip and knee. But it is best to arrive at this end when other treatments, lighter, have failed.

Osteoarthritis is a disease related to aging of the joint. At the first sign and the first pain, it is necessary to consult his doctor.

For it is now possible to effectively treat osteoarthritis and delay its progress.The treatments are more effective than medical management of osteoarthritis is early and its consequences are not irreversible.

Joints affected by Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint but most often it is the joint working that aremost frequently affected and those that support the body weight.

There are:

  1. hip osteoarthritis affecting the hip joint
  2. knee osteoarthritis that affects the knee and not the stiff
  3. The cervical spondylosis affects the spine
  4. Lombarthrose on the lumbar vertebrae of the lower back and may cause lumbagoand sciatica
  5. Omarthrose is the shoulder
  6. The osteoarthritis is localized to the fingers. If this is the thumb is concerned, it is called rhizarthrosis.


    Before considering major surgery is recommended to treat osteoarthritis of combining medical methods (at least for pain) and natural remedies.

    It is obvious that if the extra pounds overweight can only be an aggravating factorfor osteoarthritis. It is essential in this case doc to lose weight.

    Also moderate exercise is recommended whenever possible because inactivityincreases the pathology of osteoarthritis.

    It may be interesting to learn how to relax and relieve stress. Wearing shock-absorbing footwear may be beneficial to facilitate walking in the case ofosteoarthritis of the hip or knee and the making of orthotics rest or activity aimed at relieving the joint. But one can legitimately think that these solutions are oftenthe last resort.

    Les médicaments pour traiter l’arthrose

    To soothe the pain of osteoarthritis is commonly prescribed analgesics that havea significant effect but is limited to this aspect painkiller no curative value.

    For periods of more severe outbreak of osteoarthritis, we use anti-inflammatory drugs, known as NSAIDs, for short periods to fight against inflammation. It is also possible to inject cortisone-like anti-inflammatory in the affected joint.

    In case of lack of synovial fluid can be injected as a lubricant articular hyaluronic acid.

    Some drugs are in the form of gels or patches, but remember that osteoarthritisis caused by « mechanical » causes, these drugs are usually a symptomatic effect. That is to say that they only act on the symptoms without definitive and profound affection.

    Natural remedies for Osteoarthritis: Argan oil and Physiotherapy


    Care for osteoarthritis physiotherapy proven, especially if the massages are done with the argan oil to regenerative virtues recognized.

    Massages « unravel » the first stiff muscles around the painful joint. The joint isthen « thrashing » by wide movements, which also provide a muscle strengthening joints.

    In early trading, pain can be felt but they will disappear as and when the warm-up.

    The effects of massage are multiplied with argan oil to the high content of vitaminE regeneration.

    It is advisable to consult a physiotherapist early to learn the exercises to practiceand then himself. The use of argan oil is always recommended because often it can have a permanent curative effect.

    FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR natural antiseptic. Recipe 4 thieves vinegar

    Four Thieves Vinegar natural antiseptic. Recipe 4 thieves vinegar

    Four Thieves Vinegar, an effective natural remedy for centuries!

    vinaigre des 4 voleurs du vinaigrier

    Used as a panacea for centuries!

    Vinegar of  four thieves were reported for the first time in Toulouse during an outbreak of plague from 1628 to 1631. « Four Thieves Vinegar » were caught red-handedwhile robbing plague victims. They revealed their secrets against the promise to save his life. Then they were hung up and ran!

    In 1720 the Great Plague struck London and rogues used the same process astheir predecessors from Toulouse to plunder with impunity. These thievesrubbed their exposed skin (hands, face) with this mixture before stripping theplague. They also gave their secret to the judges but they had survived.

    Shown to be effective, the Vinegar of the four robbers was recognized in pharmacology and enrolled in the codex of 1748. This vinegar has long beensold as a medicinal chemist as a natural antiseptic.

    Its use over the centuries has allowed him to discover many virtues.

    Always popular, the Four Thieves Vinegar is also a place in a natural pharmacyfor daily hygiene and family. It is always used when the risk of contagion!


    Use and traditional virtues of the 4 Thieves Vinegar:

    Properties purifying, cleansing, soothing and softening are an effective alternative for all natural skin care, hair, scalp and mucous membranes.

    The Vinegar of the four thieves is sweet, it does not irritate the skin and allowsuse on sensitive skin, especially on the face.


    Four Thieves Vinegar is used purely to clean oily skin
    Diluted lotion to prevent the use of detergent or cleaning of sensitive skin
    To cleanse, soothe and soften skin. Four Thieves Vinegar is great for reducing acne including acne, irritation, itching, sores, insect bites …)

    Rubbed on the temples, forehead and wrists, the four thieves vinegar helps tone when weak or tired
    In tonic for a pleasant feeling of well being and freshness

    Hair care:

    Four Thieves Vinegar is ideal to soften and shine hair
    To clean the scalp (oily hair, dandruff) and revitalize
    To restore the hair's blowing between two washes
    To avoid daily washing of hair and feel dirty and itchy
    Four Thieves Vinegar is also effective in removing lice and nits
    Preventive anti-lice
    To help relieve some pain:

    The anti-inflammatory properties of the four thieves vinegar is beneficial to ease joint pain
    By friction or compress (diluted) on the temples and forehead to help relieve headaches.
    Antiseptic and healing:

    An application of the four thieves vinegar followed by a fat dressing with the oil of St. John’s Wort (a natural process to promote and avoid drying out the wound) will help to heal difficult wounds. To disinfect

    In winter:

    Compresses soaked in hot water with vinegar of four thieves on the chest can help relieve respiratory congestion.
    To sanitize the exposed skin, such as the hands or face.
    Inhaled or a few drops in a glass of water

    Vinegar of four thieves is to use:

    Pure or diluted lotion, friction, compress, bath …
    Diluted for application to mucous membranes
    Dilution effect as if too hot on acne, irritation …
    Diluted to clean the sores of children
    Recommended for dark.
    Four Thieves Vinegar to a shelf life greater than 30 months. It is recommended for use within 18 months after opening the bottle

    Biological composition:

    Plants: wormwood, lavender, rosemary, savory, sage, garlic, cinnamon bark, clove nails / camphor

    Composition INCI:
    (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients):
    Note: English language and science – Latin botanical name for plants

    Acetum / Artemisia absinthium, Lavandula angustifolia, Rosmarinus, Satureia hortensis, salvia officinalis, Allium sativum, Cinnamomum cassia, eugenia caryophyllus / Camphor

    Recipe of the four thieves vinegar

    Used for disinfection, decontamination, cleaning wounds

    20 g rosemary 20 g lavander
    20 g sage 30 g cinnamon
    20 g thyme 30 g sweet flag true
    20 g de mentol 30 g cloves
    20 g worwood 30 g garlic
    20 g de rue 5 g camphor

    Place everything into 1.5 liters of white wine, let stand for 10 days and filter.Store in cool and dark

    Recipes for Infectious (disease) or intestinal infections.

    1 recipe The secret was the famous vinegar, aromatic maceration they were rubbing the body, and drinking every day.
    The formula is:
    20 g of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 20 grams of petite wormwood(Artemisia pontica), 40 g of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), 40 g of sage(Salvia officinalis), 40 g of mint (Mentha), 40 g street foul (Ruta graveolens), 40g of lavender (Lavandula vera), 5 g of sweet flag (Acorus calamus), 5 g of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeyianicum) 5 g of cloves (Syzygium aromaticum), 5g of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), 5 g garlic (Allium sativum).
    A macerate for ten days (in the sun if possible) in 2.5 liter of vinegar. Crush wellthe plants in the juice, then go. Add 10 g of camphor by dissolving in a few drops of acetic acid. A cause to be prepared by the pharmacist, and rub itevery day. It’s a nice variety of herbs disinfectant! The thieves were still hanging…
    The same story is repeated in Marseille in 1720, but then the judges will be spared the new thieves, and display the recipe in the streets.
    2 recipe Simpler variant:Make yourself the above mixture with 5 drops of pure natural essence (essential oil) of each plant. But replace the street and FACOR, toxic and difficult to find, forthe essence of lemon, eucalyptus, cypress, niaouli. The absinthes are popping up everywhere, « the petite wormwood is the South, but all varieties have the same properties.
    3 recipe Make great use in the kitchen garlic, cloves and cinnamon. Eat it every day if you suspect infection. Nutmeg too, but only very small amount (a pinch grated), because it is toxic: it can die from eating a whole nut in one go. Use all thespecies mentioned above in the bathroom, or to disinfect the air (a few drops ona light bulb lit).



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    RAGWEED ALLERGY-Ragweed or AMBROSIA – Symptoms – Recognize ragweed and how to eliminate-Montreal Quebec Canada

    RAGWEED ALLERGY-Ragweed or AMBROSIA – Symptoms – Recognize ragweed and how to eliminate-Montreal Quebec Canada

    Ambrosia (ragweed) in the month August

    Ragwed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.)
    The Ambrosia grows in sunny, dry, often poor and where there is no competition with other plant species. To prevent its establishment, it is sufficient to limit the bare soil, by taking a seeding of plants adapted to site conditions and promoting effect by fertilization.Control of Ambrosia will not totally eliminate the problem but will reduce the rate of pollen in the air and thus help a large number of people inconvenienced by this allergy season.
    Ragweed or AMBROSIA

    Symptoms – Recognize ragweed and how to eliminate

    Stuffy nose, watery eyes and itchy, the month of August to first frost, ragweed is still claiming victims. So without further ado, let’s learn to identify this weed which bears the Latin name of Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Once unmasked to fight against this problem, simply enforce the uprooting or cutting short just before flowering. THERE is no risk of allergic reaction to touch.

    The appearance of ragweed

    L'herbe à poux - son apparenceRagweed with its hairy stem and leaves of a greyish green.

    What is it like this annual plant, responsible for the uncomfortable hay fever? She looks rather harmless and resembles almost any weed. So its asset: knowledge go unnoticed!

    The ragweed reaches an average height of 70 cm. The stem, covered with hair, is topped with sheets of grayish green, thin and tightly cropped. They are opposed to the base and alternate at the top. During the months of June and July, the plant is covered with tiny green flowers shaped ear grouped at ends of stems. In August, flowering bursts to let fly into the air billions of pollen grains. And now, the damage is done!

    Urban housing

    To eliminate ragweed, it is still necessary to know where she is housed. The reaction promotes coexistence and flourished in colonies, encouraged by the rays of the sun.

    The ragweed seems to have a penchant for right-of railroads, edges of sidewalks, construction sites, poorly maintained land, a piece of bare earth where calcium has burned the grass in a corner of the garden where the soil has been disturbed. It grows as … a weed!

    Symptoms rather unpleasant

    Casually, the ragweed causes great discomfort to more than 17.5% of our population. Its pollen causes severe unlucky in some reaction:

    Pollen - herbe à poux

    • Irritation of the nose
    • Tingling of the throat
    • Repeated sneezing
    • Eyes swollen and teary
    • Sinus congestion
    • Hoarse cough up some chronic asthma

    Health problems, social costs engendered by runaway medical costs and absenteeism at work, these are some of the consequences of this phenomenon that deserves our attention. A radical solution is needed: stop the problem at source by getting rid of the guilty!

    Not to be confused with poison ivy

    Poison ivy tends to grow near forested areas. This plant bears trifoliate leaves and hard fruit ranging in color from yellow to dull white. These leaves are almost smooth, glossy and sometimes alternate on a woody stem. His contact with the skin causes itchy skin immediately.

    Ragweed, meanwhile, presents no danger to the touch and can be pulled at any time without consequence. And when we learn that the survivability of its seeds in the soil is more than 40 years, we realize the importance of taking all necessary means to make it disappear immediately spotted.

    Petite herbe à poux

    The ragweed seems to have a penchant for inhabited areas.

    Herbe à puce 1 Herbe à puce 2

    Poison ivy tends to grow near forested areas.

    Dealing with it … before August!

    How to get rid of this plant detestable? The simplest is to snatch it. It’s easy to do since it has a poorly developed root system. But beware! It is essential to perform the operation in June or July at the latest, that is to say, before flowering.

    Regularly maintain his lawn. Mainly mowing evenly along the ground making sure to line the exposed corners, are all ways to prevent the emergence of this weed.

    While grubbing remains the means of destruction over the practice, one can, in the case of land covered with grass, ragweed, shave regularly ground undesirables. In this way, we prevent them from unleashing their flowering so devastating. However, if one can not overcome, the services of professionals will undoubtedly save an infested field.

    To learn more about ragweed, contact the Quebec Lung Association at 1 800 295-8111 ext 232





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    TEA TREE Oil MELALEUCA NATURAL PRODUCT Research Group oil Melaleuca Alternifolia TEA TREE

    TEA TREE Oil MELALEUCA NATURAL PRODUCT Research Group oil Melaleuca Alternifolia TEA TREE

    TEA TREE Hundreds of pages of independent research Oil Melaleuca alternifolia Tea tree.


    The research group is involved in a range of diverse tea tree oil projects. We are currently investigating the effects of tea tree oil on biofilm formation and the efficacy of tea tree oil in clearing MRSA-positive wounds. More details are given about these projects below. In addition, Chelsea Papadopoulos is undertaking PhD studies investigating the mechanisms of bacterial resistance to tea tree oil and components. We have also taken part in reviewing the safety of tea tree oil and components as part of the response of the tea tree oil industry to the opinion on tea tree oil handed down by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) in December 2005. More information about this response can be found at the ATTIA website. The results of previous research projects are described in RIRDC reports and/or journal publications.

    Effects of tea tree oil on biofilm formation

    Micro organisms commonly live in slime communities called biofilms, which provide significant protection from harmful environmental factors such as chemicals, antibiotics and the immune system. If tea tree oil is able to interfere with the generation, maintenance, structure or longevity of biofilm this could have important implications for medical or industrial situations where biofilm is a significant problem. The aims of this projects are to (1) Demonstrate that tea tree oil can inhibit the formation of microbial biofilm, (2) Investigate the effects of tea tree oil on existing biofilm, (3) Investigate the mechanism(s) by which biofilm formation is inhibited and (4) Explore potential medical and industrial applications of biofilm inhibition. This project is supported by RIRDC with matching funds from Gelair™ Pty. Ltd.

    Effects of tea tree oil on chronic wounds

    Chronic wounds such as venous leg ulcers are a significant source of morbidity, particularly in the elderly and their management may be difficult and protracted. They are frequently colonised by a range of bacteria and certain organisms such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) have been associated with delayed healing. Patient-initiated use of TTO products in wound care has been noted by nursing staff of the Silver Chain Nursing Association prompting questions about its efficacy. Anecdotal evidence suggests that TTO may be beneficial but there are no clinical data to support its use in wounds. This work aims to address that deficiency. The two objectives of this project are: 1) To determine if TTO can eliminate methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from wounds. 2) To determine if TTO is a beneficial treatment for chronic wounds. These objectives will be achieved by seeking data on two outcomes: 1) Reduction of colonisation with MRSA 2) Time to wound healing This project is supported by RIRDC with matching funds from Novasel Pty. Ltd.

    Potential mechanisms of tolerance to tea tree oil and components

    The PhD project of Chelsea Papadopoulos is focused on investigating putative mechanisms of tolerance in Gram negative bacteria, in particular Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Her study commenced in 2004 and is supported by a scholarship from RIRDC. Kate Hammer has recently been awarded a Raine Priming grant (2006-2008) from the Raine Medical Research Foundation to investigate potential mechanisms of tolerance in Gram positive bacteria. This work will focus on staphylococci and enterococci.


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