PANTOCRIN VELVET ANTLER Sexual Benefits – Natural SEX Enhancer for Men

PANTOCRIN VELVET ANTLER  Sexual Benefits – Natural SEX Enhancer for Men





Its History

The use of deer antlers or pantocrin velvet antler  in medical care dates back over 2000years. The word « antler » itself derives from the Latin « ante oculae » which can betranslated as « before the eyes. »
The use of velvet antler dates back to the Han Dynasty, from 206 BC to 220 AD. The first evidence of the widespread use of velvet antler in medicine, was found on a roll of silk, dating from 168 BC and found inside a tomb in Hunan, China. Later in the six teenth century many preparations such as velvet antler pills, tinctures and ointment shave been recorded in the book Medical Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu.

But only 30 years from the first attempts at scientific research on the therapeutic efficacy of velvet antler were conducted by Russian scientists and pharmacists. As a result, more than 100 articles were published on the subject. Since then, hundreds of articles have been published in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, New Zealand and Canada.

In the 70 doctors Takikawa and they found that the Pantocrin Kajihara, accelerating the healing process of damaged neural tissues.

In 1988, probably one of the most important property of the velvet antler was discovered by Japanese scientists Wang & Associates, which they found that velvet antler has anti-aging.

In 1999, the use of velvet antler has been supported by clinical research because of its beneficial effects in treating arthritis. However, the empirical use suggests several therapeutic properties including immune stimulation, the anti-aging, rejuvenating and protective and beneficial effects on blood flow.

In North America this product has been known for only a decade. Today, the international market for velvet antler is growing due to the fact that more and more people are turning to natural medicine.




The main benefits of Velvet Antler Reversal of Aging and Rejuvenation: Reducing signs of aging, improving memory, increasing the mass of muscle mass and bone density, increased testosterone, decreased activity oxidation in the liver and brain and increasing the protein content of the liver are among the main effects of Pantocrin.
Recent studies in Russia and Japan show that the use of Pantocrin promotes the production of human growth hormone, which reverses the aging process in the body.Basically, Pantocrin alter metabolism significantly.
Increases libido and sexual performance: Pantocrin increases circulation in the reproductive organs and stimulates the production of testosterone and its metabolites. It turns out to be an effective remedy against impotence, as well as to increase libido and sexual performance in general.
Many benefits have been noted by post menopausal women in addition to a significant reduction of stress and improve intimacy.
Regeneration of heart muscle: Pantocrin improves circulation and avoiding metabolism of heart muscle fatigue may result from chronic hypertension, disorders of the circulation, ischemia, diabetes and prolonged psychological stress.
Lowering blood pressure: Pantocrin increases the dilation of peripheral blood vessels and thus lowers blood pressure. Extract Pantocrin edge against the effect of previously administered adrenaline. Velvet antler acts on the neurotransmitter responsible for inhibition and cardiac vasodilation.
Blood Production: Pantocrin cutter is effective in controlling anemia and may increase the level of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the tests body based.
Pantocrin or Velvet antler have shown an increased production of red blood cells and blood cells whites in smaller quantities. Pantocrin facilitates oxygen uptake by the liver, brain, kidneys and endocrine system.
Fight against stress: Pantocrin is effective in the treatment of mental and muscular fatigue, asthenia, neuroses, stress-related disorders, loss of immune and hypotension.
Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis by increasing bone density, the Pantocrin prevents pathological fractures, caused by osteoporosis, 50% women and 20% men.
Post-traumatic bone reconstruction: Pantocrin increases the level of glucose in the bones and promotes a more rapid deposition of calcium salts and phosphate in bone and cartilage.
Anti-Arthritis Remedy: Pantocrin is known to reduce arthritis symptoms while stimulating growth and tissue healing.
Post surgical recovery and significant acute infectious disorders: Pantocrin is invaluable during convalescence during which it speeds up the recovery process of muscle mass.
Strengthening the immune system: Pantocrin injections stimulate the phagocytic function of macrophages. Pantocrin increases the amount of red and white blood cells in the blood and, thus, strengthens the immune system against the risk of infection.
Anticancer activity: Research has shown that velvet antler may have anti-tumor effects against certain forms of cancer cells.
Anti-inflammatory effects: Pantocrin has very good anti-inflammatory qualities had its ability to stimulate production of white blood cells that helps fight against infections.
Protection of liver: Pantocrin helps protect the liver against damage caused by carbon tetrachloride.
Reduction of cholesterol: Pantocrin can cause cholesterol to be filtered from the blood, increasing levels of kidney but thereby lowering levels elsewhere. It is very important that all high cholesterol levels are a known risk factor for heart disease.

An inexhaustible resource

It is important to note that the antlers are a renewable natural resource. Generally, anydeer is killed for its antlers as new antlers grow with each new season. The term « velvet antlers » refers to the living tissue of wood growth of deer, including red deer,as well as elk. Velvet antler is harvested when it reaches two or three branches and is still covered in velvet.

The tip of the antler is the most effective because it contains themost active substances.

Velvet antler is a main constituent of Deer Antler Plus. A powerful stimulant made ​​in USA male, now available in Europe.

COTTAGE – HOUSE FOR SALE IN ST-DONAT-LAURENTIAN FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE for SALE in Waterfront Lake water OUAREAU in St-Donat, Lanaudière Laurentides Quebec CANADA $ 399,000. CND Negotiable

COTTAGE – HOUSE FOR SALE IN ST-DONAT-LAURENTIAN FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE for SALE in Waterfront Lake water OUAREAU in St-Donat, Lanaudière Laurentides Quebec CANADA $ 399,000. CND Negotiable

BEAUTIFUL HOUSE FOR SALE in St-Donat on Lake OUAREAU in Lanaudière Laurentides QUEBEC CANADA




IT is very friendly and will surprise and please you.

292.000 (EUR)

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Dinning Room

Home Billiard Room

More Pitchure here

Bath Room

PRICE: 449,000$(CND)
285,000  (EUR)


Chambre a coucher

3 Rooms

Salles de bain

2 Bath Rooms

2 Fires place

Building dimensions

    Dimension: 39.00 X 25.00
    Area: N / A
    Total area: 1 350.00

Lot Size

Width: 207.00
Depth: 198.00
Area: 57 500.00


Municipal taxes: $ 1,938
School taxes: $ 337

Total: 2 275 USD

More Carasteristics


Water View

Family »Room

Wood Stove


Firnished Complete


Finished Basement

Basement 6 and +

DESCRIPTION of the Rooms







1 Level

10’5″ X 8’2″


Patio door


1 Level

10’5″ X 8’0″


Principal Bedroom

1 Level

12’4″ X 10’2″


Patio door


1 Level

17’5″ X 17’5″


Dinning Room

Bath Room

1 Level

7’0″ X 5’0″



1 Level

21’0″ X 13’5″





0’0″ X 0’0″

Bath Room


8’0″ X 5’6″


Family Room


22’0″ X 23’0″


(Uptade 3 Mars 2011)







Chambre à coucher


10’5″ X 8’2″


porte patio

Chambre à coucher


10’5″ X 8’0″


Chambre à coucher principale


12’4″ X 10’2″


porte patio



17’5″ X 17’5″


avec salle à manger

Salle de bain


7’0″ X 5’0″




21’0″ X 13’5″


Vue sur l’eau



0’0″ X 0’0″

Salle de bain


8’0″ X 5’6″


Salle familiale


22’0″ X 23’0″


avec mini Bar

MATTRESS-NATURAL PRODUCT COMPOSITION of Natural Latex mattresses mattress GREEN BIO ORGANIC RUBBER without Chemical Products. Mattress Patented

MATTRESS-NATURAL PRODUCT COMPOSITION of natural latex mattresses mattress GREEN BIO ORGANIC RUBBER without Chemical Products. Mattress Patented

WHY A natural latex mattresses GREEN BIO

Many people today have physical problems, skin sensitivities, asthma and allergicunexplained.
The many chemical sensitivities increase in people every day by hundreds of thousands of cases reported by Health Canada.

Ask yourself what you breathe in your sleep?

Do you ever come to mind that all your problems of skin sensitivity and respirations were just lying to you all night?
Mites, bacteria, oil, toxic glue, polyurethane, synthetic latex ect … the list goes on.


Most people sleep one third of their lives on mattresses and bed textiles that canharm them!

Synthetic raw materials, as among other polyurethane foams and latex SBR artificial, does not only result in a mattress that is too inelastic, but may in addition, in certain circumstances, release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that canpotentially be toxic skin or lungs.
Treatment of delayed ignition resulting in even more chemicals and furtherincreasing the danger.

The list of chemicals added is supplemented by the anti-moth, anti-stain, anti-wrinkling and even anti-allergy.

In the field of textile, bed toxic dyes and formaldehyde are the most serious offenders. In addition, sleeping on synthetic material is so comfortable and certainly less relaxing.

Synthetic materials do not absorb perspiration and not heat the body as natural materials. Chapter « Sleep and Health » that you read our body detoxifies during deep sleep. The textile bed, the mattress cover and mattress core mustcompletely absorb the perspiration, while the body heat must be transported.

Only the best materials to guarantee organic farming climate of sleep most beneficial.

Organic Hevea

1. Why choose organic rubber?

A mattress core is ideal in theory extremely elastic and non-deformable. Spring mattresses and water mattresses have either a compression or collapse of elasticity reduced more where there is more weight.

For over 20 years, I was engaged in the production of foam mattresses latex. They are already more elastic than other mattresses, but the elasticity is determined by the amount of natural rubber used in the polymer blend. Ideally, I would make onlya mattress core Hevea natural rubber, but it was impossible or difficult to achieve in Europe and America because of the lack of fresh Hevea milk.

The foam mattress that we knew were made of polyurethane or synthetic polymerlatex SBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber. These are obtained by complex chemical processes from petroleum. The synthetic latex mattress that we knew were already enriched with natural rubber to increase their elasticity. This natural rubber mixed with a lot of volatile alkali was transported in liquid form from Asia andtropical Africa. It was painful because we never received the same quality.Imagine that you had to produce the same wine in California with an arbitrary mixture of grapes in France.

2. Natural Latex

In Europe, we could make so-called mattress’ latex nature « , but the compositionshould always be adapted. The polymer blend of SBR synthetic latex and natural rubber had to be supplemented with other materials for a finished product always equal with regard to the extent and firmness. Usually, the best ratio of polymer orrubber was 80% natural rubber and 20% of SBR rubber, but with the addition offillers to correct and vulcanizing materials, the finished product contained only 60% of natural rubber. So, a mattress 80% of natural rubber contained only 60% natural rubber! It was far from our ideal.

3. Natural rubber from Hevea

Ideally, a mattress should consist of more than 90% natural rubber and rubber to be perfectly isotropic, ie d. elasticity is the same in all directions. This product is alsobreathable and insensitive to temperature. This is why it is never moist or warm.Examples of other products which are widely used natural rubber condoms arerubber, the tires of an aircraft or a formula, balloons for meteorological stations …anything that has to be extremely resilient and stable.

To make this mattress core made ​​of 100% natural rubber to rubber, we neededmilk plant rubber and similar expenses and know-how innovative. So it had to be done in the country of origin of the Hevea milk. But what is this hevea milk and where to find the best soul of a mattress?

4. Hevea Brasiliensis

HEVEA BRASILIENSIS is the name of a rubber tree. As the name implies, the tree was discovered in 1736 in the Amazon region by the French explorer Charles Marie de la Condamine(1701-1775) who reported the rubber as a curiosity.

Around the world, there are trees that secrete a liquid when they are injured or damaged by insects. This fluid prevents clotting that mold or bacteria enter the tree.

As the resin of pine or maple sap, a milk plant, also known as latex flows from theHevea brasiliensis or rubber tree, which hardens to a rubbery mass. A pharmacistdiscovered that English can be used to erase the pencil. The name of the rubber(rubber) also comes from the English verb « to rub » rubbing. This rubber is mainlyelastic and waterproof.

In 1839 it was discovered that the rubber and sulfur by heating, the so-calledvulcanization process, produce a rubber that is strong and solid at temperaturesfrom 0 to 100 ° C.

Since then, this product is used for making waterproof textiles, tires for bicycles and cars, chewing gum, painting … and even condoms.

Rubber became an important industrial product. Needs rubber became so important that we built plantations in other parts of the world. Especially the English, who sent the young plants in their tropical colonies in Asia such as SriLanka and Singapore. The Portuguese plantation implanted primarily in Central Africa. The tree survives in effect only in a very humid and hot. To harvest the milkplant is cut out in the cambium of the tree. And the pockets of latex are cut and the milk flows out. Under the injury, we fix a container in which milk plant is collected.Can be left to coagulate the milk, or you can add a little ammonia to keep the fluid milk. The coagulated rubber is dried and compressed to make shoes, boots, insulation or building material. For mattresses, we need liquid latex. It is purchased for Green Sleep Malaysia North to independent farmers, who for years planted these trees selected in cooperation with the National Institute of Rubber in Kuala Lumpur. As for apples, peppers, wine, is applied to the plant about a transplant from mother to still get the same tree. After a long selection, we get the milk for several years to plant rubber trees still appropriate to melt mattress coresare identical in the different degrees of firmness.

5. Milk of Hevea

Plantations which our milk comes from plants do not use growth promoters, pesticides or insecticides. The wood bottom is removed by hand if necessary. In some areas of sheep and goats graze under the trees. In addition to our certificateQUL, Qualitäts Umweltfreundlicher Latexmatratzen institute Öko-Umwelt in Cologne, Germany, the plantations were checked as to working conditions andenvironment-friendly aspect. The cultivation of vegetable milk rubber is completely organic.

Pull hevea milk has now become the work of women. This is the second family income. Prices are set cooperatively every day.

Today, the price of rubber and especially milk plant rubber is very high. In addition to the world price rises due to growing demand, the price is fixed according to theabove daily wage. When you know that we must have about 40 hours to collecte nough milk to produce a rubber of our mattresses …

6 . Transformation process

Hevea milk is delivered fresh and centrifuged under the same certificate ISO2004. The solid material is separated from the water. This solid is mixed by acomputer-controlled complex program, with air and a minimum + / ​​- 5%,vulcanizing and other materials such as sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerator andantioxidant . None of these added materials is toxic! On this subject, please referto tests and certificates that you find below.

It therefore adds no fillers. The mixture is injected into molds aluminum ankleswhile returning the heat of 90 ° C in the body.

After about 90 minutes of oven, the mattress core is removed from the mold curedand washed. At Green Sleep, this cleaning is very intense. The souls of 15 cm up to 7 times are watered and compressed up to 1 cm. In a centrifuge, the souls are cleaned again, until all the soap scum and all odors are gone. The abundant waterfor this process must be completely sterile. After drying, the mattress core ORGANIC HEVEA is controlled at the firm and receives a label stating its origin and production data. Certificate « AOC » and a number are also with the mattress core. Thus the product is fully traceable! These mattress cores are sent to theGreen Sleep plant in Europe and Canada for further treatment. This production process gives us the best mattress cores that can be made ​​today. In the field of ecology, plantations and crops are well below any non-polluting. For production ofeven the mattress core, we need the same amount of energy that was used for other mattress cores.

7. Warning

The only problem is the so-called latex allergy to the protein of 1%, culprit, theHevea milk contains. Only a small proportion of the population is concerned.Generally, latex allergy occurs in individuals who as a child did not tolerate breast milk or any dairy product.

If latex allergy, contact with a mattress core covered after a few hours causes redspots on the skin and begins to suffocate. If this happens, we return the mattress inthe store room to the purchase price. On an annual basis than 15,000 mattresses, we must take about four. It does not often. If you want more information, see latexallergy, implications for patients and Health care workers [latex allergy, the implications for patients and medical staff.

In several countries of the Third World, the mattress 100% natural latex are handcrafted. They serve primarily the local market. Their product often has acrumbly structure and is much too hard. The durability and hygiene conditions in which this product was manufactured are not acceptable for use West. Especially rinsing is often contaminated. We find these products regularly on the Western market. They are often sold at prices bumper « factory direct » to business post office box or lounges. These products severely damage the reputation of « natural products ».

Always ask for certificates of composition, origin and brand QUL!

9. 20 year Warranty!

Every soul rubber mattress organic Green Sleep is guaranteed for 20 years ofgood use since July 2008. Each mattress has its certificate of origin and a manual. Remember that a mattress is acidified with sweat and deforms after a while depending on the weight of your body. So be your mattress review by a consultant from Green Sleep every eight years.

Green Sleep has become an internal list of demands « Eco-tested » to be met by all the raw materials used. Any subcontractor or any production unit Green Sleep is imperative to meet these criteria.

Certificates Skal, Eco-cert and QUL support our claims of quality and are soughtfrom our suppliers every year.

Find products GREEN SLEEP?

Real Organic Products without added chemical products


Monique Toubeix

Specialist and Advisor Natural Products
Mattress and Pillow Latex Organic GREEN SLEEP



Come meet

1860 boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval, QC
(450) 687-7880

She will be happy to answer your questions

For more information products are available exclusively

HAIR LOSS-BALDNESS – Hair Loss MEN- Alopecia-MEN and WOMEN – There are anti hair loss as a natural and drug Propecia

HAIR-LOSS-BALDNESS – Hair Loss MEN- Alopecia-MEN and WOMEN – There are anti hair loss as a natural and drug Propecia

Baldness or ALOPECIA


Why Hair Loss Sudden or Slow?
How about it?
Is there a SOLUTION a natural or an anti Hair loss?

That many questions that arise every person who is found in this state with premature hair loss.What is normality?

L'image “” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.

We lose our hair every day,and it’s normal.Lose fifty hairs a day is quite normal.But then,if the fall is more important, it is important to respond, because there is a beginning to a specific cause.

Why we are born with this or that capital hair?

The hair seems little influenced by the external environment and the transmission of their main characteristics is largely genetic.

However, as the nails, they consist mainly of protein (keratin) and their health isinfluenced by food hygiene of the person.

Drug for baldness


Propecia contains the active ingredient, finasteride, known as Alpha reduct ase inhibitor type II 5.

How does Propecia?

Propecia blocks the action of a compound in the body called type II 5 alphareductase. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone that can damage the hair follicles, causing hair loss in men who are sensitive to this hormone.

Propecia blocks the action of alpha reductase type II 5 and thus the formation of DHT. The decrease in the amount of DHT in the blood and the scalp can lead to stopping the process of hair loss.

Propecia increases hair growth and prevents hair loss due to male pattern baldness. Once started treatment with Propecia, it may take 3 to 6 monthsbefore you notice a real decrease in the loss of hair or increased density.Continued use of this drug is recommended for maximum results.
European website selling the drug for baldness follows: Propecia

Acheter Propecia - obtenez un traitement pour la calvitie acheter propecia en ligne sur euroClinix

Explanation of the life of a hair


Their number: between 90,000 and 150,000

Their origin, their roots are from the follicles or hair follicles that are between 15 and 25 cycles of life

Each bulb is attached to the sebaceous gland (which develops especially afterpuberty)

The transmission characteristics of a hair is mostly genetic

The diameter of a human hair varies between 0.05 mm and 0.1 mm

Each life cycle of a human hair is well defined there are three important phases of the life of our hair:

Most of our hair is in a growth phase (that is, they are between 2 and 5 years).This is the longest phase of the life of the hair, in which each hair can grow from 0.75 to 1.5 cm per month.

At this growth phase followed by a preparation phase of three weeks: the hair is getting ready for the resting phase

A resting phase of 3 months which leads to hair loss.

Then the cycle begins again: a new hair regrowth and replaces one that fell.



About 65% of men experiencing hair loss problem

  • 38% victims of baldness or alopecia localized become partially bald.
    These hair loss can start as young as 18 years, they reach one in three men at thirty, and nearly one in two men around fifty.


About 70% of women are faced with a problem of hair loss in a period of their lives, but they are generally favored a view to hormonal menopause or pre-menopause.
Some women more sensitive on a genetic point of view, can suffer from diffuse alopecia: hair, in this case, become very fine.

Androgenetic Alopecia

What is it?

Hair loss due to two factors: a hormonal factor, and a hereditary factor.

Genetic susceptibility of the scalp androgen (male hormone whose main subject is, in this case, testosterone). So this is a predisposition in the field.

It may be more commonly known as seborrheic alopecia or baldness « classic »because it affects 90% of men with alopecia

She moved slowly and diffusely.

It is directly related to male hormones in the blood, but mainly affects the scalp.These are the hair follicles of the frontal areas, parietal (temples) and the top of the skull that are most sensitive to these hormonal disturbances.

Androgenetic alopecia in women appeared there twenty years. Since it affects a growing number

In women androgenetic alopecia is a refinement of the hair. It is less spectacular than in men, focusing on the top of the skull or on the line.

The human body produces androgens as well as that of women (20 times lessthan in men). All of the androgen is secreted by the gonads (testes and ovaries, 40%) and adrenal glands (60%). These hormones have many functions but for both sexes and there is a genetic susceptibility, they accelerate and shorten the life cycle of hair follicles.

In the case of a genetic hypersensitivity, the hair becomes finer and shorter.Then, exhausted bulbs shrink, producing more than a fine down, that’s whatleads to baldness

Family history is a critical factor in determining androgenetic alopecia.

Explanations of a physiological point of view


On the scalp, testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) under the influence of the enzyme 5α-reductase. DHT stimulates the sebaceous glands which increase sebum production. This effect is particularly apparent in adolescence. Stagnant sebum in the hair follicle will gradually clog. Therefore,the scalp thicken, preventing blood vessels to feed the bulb.

Another negative effect of DHT is known to shorten the growth phase of hairand its life cycle, which makes the hair thinner and more fragile.

Is the transmission of genes from the mother alopecia or father, or both, both in boys than in girls, that causes this genetic predisposition.

These genes stimulate the activity of 5 alpha-reductase, which in turn leads to amuch greater secretion of DHT.
We must therefore understand that in this case, it is not the amount of testosterone secreted is in question, but how « abnormal » it is used and converted by the genetically programmed hair follicles. In other words, it is not a hormonal disorder, but an abnormal receptor bulbs.

If there is no genetic predisposition, the two substances combine harmless anddo not interfere in any way the normal physiological development of the hair.

Androgenetic Alopecia in Women


Family history is a key factor in the diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia.

But more than 20% of women with no history in their family and yet have clinical signs of this alopécie.Arround 30% of women suffer from androgenetic alopecia.

This predisposition is associated with hypersensitivity to androgens and hyperactivity of the enzyme 5α-reductase. As humans in this case, it will be imperative to act locally (at the scalp) on androgen production and 5α-reductase.

It is very important to act at the first sign of abnormal fall, because once used up any capital hair back will never be possible. Care for external application can improve the appearance of hair, however it is not enough to guarantee the integrity of hair follicles. An internal processing-time, which if necessary could be renewed at certain times of life, is absolutely essential. However, it is very important to know the type of fall which the person is facing in order to choose the treatment best suited fall.

Androgenetic alopecia is very easy to diagnose in women: the hair is thinning only on the top of the head and sometimes on the temples, while the hair of the neck and temples is dense and well stocked. This alopecia begins with a widening of the median line. The hair becomes thinner and sometimes it goes hand in hand with seborrhoea. It is irreversible if we do not address the problem.

Androgenetic alopecia in men


This is the most common hair loss in men.

It affects both young men from the age of 20-22 years (20%) than men in their forties 50% of men from the age of 50 suffer from androgenetic alopecia. This alopecia is a hereditary predisposition that is to say, it is usually transmitted from father to son. This does not mean that all men suffering from androgenetic alopecia have a child predisposed to this type of alopecia. This is related to hyperactivity of the enzyme 5α-reductase, it is essential to regulate, but it is impossible to completely inhibit because it is inevitably linked to the production of testosterone.

It recognizes the hair loss androgenetic its location. Bare areas are the upper front (gulfs bilateral) or the top of the skull, the fall in the area usually starts with a tonsure, while the neck and temples remain dense and well furnished. This decline stems from the overactive alphareductase 5.

This enzyme will convert locally and excessive testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Rate too high will cause DHT shortens the growth phase of the hair.

The length of each hair cycle will significantly decrease from a few years to months. The hair cycles, normally scheduled to last a lifetime, will therefore run out much faster. Excess DHT usually causes increased activity of the sebaceous glands surrounding the hair bulbs. This excess seborrhea will gradually clog the pores of the bulb that slowly suffocate. Meanwhile, the scalp is not well vascularized, or fed. All these phenomena will lead to atrophy of the bulb, resulting in a first thinning hair, and then a gradual and total loss of hair on areas of more extensive scalp.
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Other types of Alopecia

Alopecia Areata

In this case, hair loss occurs on one or more well-defined areas of the scalp (usually round plates). Its evolution is unpredictable. Sometimes the hair growsspontaneously in a few months, and in other cases, alopecia areata can progress to total baldness or persist for many years.

Whatever the origin, recurrences are common.

Stress is a factor in the development of alopecia areata, but yet its origin is not always psychosomatic (emotional shock, heavy stress). The causes are not always well defined.

Often there is a microscopically visible inflammation around the hair follicle.Then there is a slowdown in growth of the hair of up to stop the shoot.Inflammation is probably due to a reaction-type autoimmune disease. In this case, the antibodies attack the hair follicle which slows or suspends its function,so far without permanently or completely destroyed.

Alopecia areata may also be caused by out breaks neighbors (dental, eye or sinus).

Seborrheic Alopecia


It’s not alopecia as such, but rather an aggravating factor or progressive. Indeed,excess sebum is secreted in excess by the glands surrounding the hair bulb. sebum (grease) blocks the pore of the bulb by which the hair grows. The bulband choke tends to atrophy. If this phenomenon is associated with hormonal imbalance local, one enters the pattern of androgenetic alopecia.

All bald people have not developed an office seborrhea, and oily hair do not fallinexorably.

In women, as men prone, stress promotes excessive seborrhea, dandruff anditchy scalp.

The Telogen effluvium

It is a form of baldness in men or women, which manifests itself in excessive hair loss and sudden on the entire scalp.

The extent of hair loss in telogen effluvium is distinguished from androgenetic alopecia which covers only specific areas of the scalp it concerns a minority of men.

This type of alopecia is caused by deficiencies, external factors or disorders of the body and appears for example in severe systemic diseases, severe stress resulting from surgery or injury, fever, diet too severe, carencesen iron, etc..

These abundant hair loss (sometimes with handles) are usually reversible once you detect and remove the trigger for the fall.

The causes of telogen effluvium passing are very diverse: pregnancy, childbirth,seasonal changes, major surgery, prolonged illnesses, emotional shock intensity, the decree making birth control, etc..

In some cases, hair loss in telogen effluvium may be or become sustainable if they are not treated well. Be especially vigilant during prolonged depression or during chronic stress, when medication long term. Should be monitored metabolic disorders due to a drastic diet or anorexia. And when hair lossabundant and wide spread across the scalp, it is necessary to rule out certain possible causes and sneaky as deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, calcium oriron, and possible thyroid problems or hormonal .

When should we worry?

Male or female, it is normal to lose hair every day. It is like any other fabric, are generation or renewal of our cells and elimination of dead cells or too old. However, if this process accelerates or worsens in any way whatsoever, it is necessary to act quickly to avoid depletion of your capital « hair bulb » which, remember it, is limited.

Losing every day fifty hair is perfectly normal. But if you feel that your hair is thinwith no body or dull, nothing prevents you from performing a course of about 3months of specific nutrients and vitamins.

This definitely will restore vitality, shine and health to your hair.

If you lose between 50 to 80 hairs a day, there is nothing alarming, but it is necessary, even in prevention, take the necessary action depending on the typeof hair loss that you have (stress, deficiency, predisposition androgenetic ,pathologies)

The loss of hair over 80 is considered alarming. It should not be allowed to occur or continue the problem. A real attack treatment with natural products and specific should therefore be undertaken as soon as possible.

Act quickly!

Hair care efficient and adapted, there are for men and women of all ages.

Treatments against hair loss are effective if they act on different aspects of the problem. On the one hand, it is essential to stimulate the vital functions of the hair to compensate for various causes of falls (negative effects of androgens, stress, external aggression, etc.).. On the other hand, for out patient care(shampoo, lotion, massage, etc.). Must detoxify and cleanse the scalp to eliminate toxins and dead cells. In addition, it is essential to enable the vasodilation of the scalp to promote blood circulation to hair roots.

Improved local circulation of the scalp facilitates the provision of vitamins, minerals

and amino acids provided by adequate and nutritional supplements. Theremineralization of the hair by stimulating domestic growth.

Ideally, of course, in parallel, closely monitor your lifestyle. When the body is neglected, the first cells to suffer the consequences is the rapid turn over in cells, such as hair or skin. Watch your diet daily, this does shoed that potentiate the effects of anti-fall.

In all cases of hair loss, light massage of the scalp, even a few minutes a daystimulate regrowth the better they are associated with successful treatment.

Women’s Specifics

The woman is more subject to various hormonal changes during certain slices of life (stress, childbirth, menopause, premenopause …). During these moments, hair poorer, the bulbs become brittle and duration of hair cycles is sometimes reduced if the scalp is too responsive to male hormones, androgens.

These phenomena begin to significantly valuable « capital bulbs » and that, sometimes in just a few years.

Specifics Men’S

The majority of men believe that alopecia is hereditary and incurable, yet it is entirely false!

A simple lotion, if it is quality, can help improve the appearance of your hair and even stop the fall, but not enough to re-nourish the hair and scalp thoroughly, or stop imbalances hormonal or seborrheic with a deeper origin.

It is essential to act effectively and at the first sign of abnormal falls, for that itwill opt for an internal processing long-term or ad hoc to be renewed at certain times of life.

Whatever the origin of the fall, if you want to get rejected, it is essential tostimulate the activity of hair follicles by an oral treatment containing nutrients and vitamins.

Natural and appropriate care can reverse this sensitivity and hormonal excess sebum.

With effective treatment and quality, it is more difficult to treat a man a woman and the results are equally compelling regardless of gender.


Local Action

Androgenetic alopecia is an imbalance of androgens in different places well localized in the skin.

Taking into account this parameter local imbalance, recent medical research has created a new approach and innovative aesthetic technology.

New generations of natural cosmetic products have appeared on the market to counter local hormonal imbalances. Their effects are much less aggressive than those of chemical molecules such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. In addition, they do not affect the overall hormone levels and therefore no side effects and no cons-indication.

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The tea tree oil MELALEUCA Tea Tree Natural Products on or THEIR OIL is a MIRACLE!

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Habitat and origin: shrub or evergreen shrub confined to swampy areas of the northeast coast of Australia (New South Wales).

Indications: Their oil is used to prevent and treat infections of the skin and mucous membranes, such as: treat acne and buttons – Arthritis – Burns andsunburn – Cuts and abrasions – Bruises – Cystitis – Muscle aches – Boils and abscesses – herpes labialis – excema-Zona-Psoriasis-respiratory infections -vaginal Infections – Fungal Infections – onychomycosis-insect bites, athlete’s foot-Plaque dental – Varicose veins Warts-it-thrush gingivitis-dandruff.

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Natural relief for burns, cuts, bites, scratches and other minor injuries.

It helps to eliminate bacteria to promote the healing process. Penetrating -Provides benefits well below the upper layers of the skin. Soothing – Stopspain, burning and itching.
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Non-caustic does not irritate most skin types (those whose skin is extremely sensitive may wish to dilute it in almond oil or olive oil).
Aromatic use the spray to provide a fresh herbal scent. Dr Penfold studied oil Their Dr A. R. Penfold was one of the first scientists to document the power of Their alternifolia oil.

He noted that: « The results of these investigations have not only exceeded my expectations, but have given results which, in practice, are far from those projected … The germicidal effectiveness of the oil … is due to the unique natural blend of their diverse constituents. « Also in the composition of hygiene products and cosmetics.

Research to develop other applications, including agriculture.

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