HYPNOS BEDS MATTRESS whith the NATURAL FIBRE completely organic and Pocket Coil Mattress HYPNOS Are Best in the World – Mattresses patented the court of England – Canada Hypnos Mattress Available LAVAL Quebec CANADA

HYPNOS BEDS MATTRESS whith the NATURAL FIBRE completely organic and Pocket Coil Mattress HYPNOS Are Best in the World – Mattresses patented the court of England – Canada Hypnos Mattress Available LAVAL Quebec CANADA


The Hypnos Story

Peter Keen

Hypnos has years of success behind the family-run company and has been producing handmade beds for over four generations – beds that have given countless nights of comfortable sleep to many thousands of people. Proud holders of two Royal Warrants, the Hypnos philosophy of quality and comfort is maintained throughout their product range. The Chairman, Peter Keen is the great grandson of the original founder and the product has been hand-crafted using traditional methods from the very first day of existence.

Handmade BedsDeep pocket-spring beds are the trademark of Hypnos, elegant handmade beds which are still produced by craftsmen, many of whom have worked at Hypnos since their apprenticeship and who all take a great personal pride in the skilled work that goes into producing each Hypnos bed. The skills used by these craftsmen have been handed down through generations and the art of making a quality bed lives on from father to son, mother to daughter, through Hypnos.

Hypnos beds are still made in a similar way to those slept on by our fathers and grandfathers. Every detail on a Hypnos bed is considered from the natural fillings in the mattresses, to the specially balanced springs in the Royal box, to the expertly cut high quality Belgium damask cloths, to the selected soft and hard woods, to the fine handmade wool tufts. Considered, tried and tested producing the ultimate in comfort, quality and craftsmanship.

Choosing a bed is a very personal decision and one not to be undertaken lightly. When you consider that up to a third of your life will be spent in bed, it only makes sense to spend that time in Royal Comfort. At Hypnos, we make that perfect bed to suit your specific needs, for a supportive and restful nights sleep.
Manufacturing Process

History of the Royal Warrant

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

To be a Warrant holder you must first supply the Royal Household with unrivalled quality products or services for five consecutive years. The Lord Chamberlain (head of the Royal households) advises the grantors on the granting of Royal Warrants but the final decision rests with the grantor concerned. Thereafter the Warrant is reviewed every five years. Hypnos has been handcrafting the finest bespoke mattresses for two Royal Warrant holders. Queen Elizabeth II and The Late Queen Mother.

To this day only the finest quality products are associated with the Royal Warrants and Hypnos is extremely proud to have carried the Royal Warrants of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and The Late Queen Mother for over 37 years. To be honoured by two Royal Households is unprecedented. Other Royal Warrant holders include; Rolls Royce & Bentley Motorcars, Dunlop, Aston Martin, Burberry Limited, Royal Doulton, Jaguar Motorcars, Austin Reed Group PLC, Steinway & Sons and Land Rover & Range Rover.

Hypnos Mattress Benefit Information

Handcrafting – Hypnos is the only truly handcrafted mattress in Canada.

Genuine Side Stitching: The borders of Hypnos mattress are expertly sewn through the sides to the coil system. This is a very time consuming process but the end results are well worth while. This procedure makes a Hypnos mattress the most structurally sound mattress available in Canada.

Hand Tufting: Unlike other tufted looking mattresses in Canada, Hypnos tufts go through the entire body of the mattress. This means the tuft you see on the top is connected to the one on the bottom. Adding another layer of structural integrity and helping the natural fills stay in place.

Matching Fabric Trim: Most mattresses use a very hard pre-fabricated tape edge to give a finish to the corner. Hypnos uses the same fabric as the body of the bed. This means a very soft and luxurious finish even to the edges.

Pure Brass: many other companies put brass coated finishes on their products so they will look elegant. Only Hypnos uses solid brass plates and vents for strength and longevity of life.

Natural Fill – Hypnos uses only the finest of natural fills

Cotton and Wool are strategically placed and combined for complete climate control. Warmth in the winter and cool in the summer.

Silk and Wool let you feel like you are floating on a cloud, most say a feeling like you have never had with a mattress.

Teased White Hair and Cashmere is a unique blend of Cattle, Hog tail and Cashmere that is designed to keep its shape even after many years of service. This blend of hair is heat treated to be completely clean, then bonded to give the long life shape retention.

Belgium Damask is not only luxurious looking but the one of the most tightly woven upholstery materials available to the bedding industry and is custom made just for Hypnos.

Body Support – Unique pocket coil design for true complete body support

Coil Counts: most pocket coil systems in Canada have about 500 to 800 coils in a queen size mattress. Hypnos starts over 1,000 coils and goes to over 2,000 individual pocket coils. Some other companies claim coil counts of this amount, however they typically stack coils on top of coils to accomplish this. Hypnos only uses individually wrapped full height coil for complete and perfect body forming support.

Honey Combing: Hypnos is one of the few companies that honeycomb (nest) their pocket coils together virtually eliminating the gaps between coils. This give you maximum body support no matter how you lay or how small an area you need supported.

Centre Tying: most coil manufactures connect their pocket coils together at the top in one form or another. Even the coil is still independent as one coil moves it moves the one beside it. Hypnos runs treads through the middle of its coil system allowing the tops to totally work independently of each other, again giving you perfect body support for every little curve.


Firmness vs Support: Often firmness and support are confused. Medical research has shown that it is proper support, not firmness, that cares for your muscle aches and pains. Further proper support will keep your spinal column in a straight line, in turn giving you a good nights sleep and physical well being. Hypnos’ unique coil structure is designed with this in mind. It will give you the support and comfort you need, for a good nights sleep and keep those morning aches away.

Firmness: Hypnos further offers their coils in different firmness’. This is so no matter what your body build is, there is a Hypnos mattress for you.

Dust Mite Control

Belgium Damask: The average person loses 11 pounds of skin per year. Our extremely tight woven Belgium Damask almost eliminates the dead skin from penetrating into the bed. Without this dead skin Dust Mites do not have the food they need to survive.

Natural Fills: Our unique combination of natural materials produces an enviroment that Dust Mites do not like and works as a natural Dust Mite inhibitor.

Moisture Control: It is a very well know fact that Dust Mites thrive in a moist warm setting. Hypnos mattresses are designed to breath, keeping them clean and dry inside for years and in turn eliminating a Dust Mites prefered residence.

Mold & Mildew Control

Natural Fills: Most mattresses in Canada use a combinations of different types of foams. Some are even completely foam. The average person loses about 1 cup of moisture each evening. This inevitably moves into your mattress. Foam is like a big sponge which absorbs and holds that moisture. Mold and mildew quickly builds up and creates an unhealthy sleeping environment. Natural fills breath taking that moisture from you.

Brass Airvents: After the Natural fills move the moisture way from you. As you move around the bed the individual coils push that moisture out the brass airvents. In a nutshell your bed breaths like no other so it can stay clean and healthy for a long time.

Asthma friendly

NO FOAMS: With no foams, Hypnos mattresses do not give off that petroleum gas that other mattresses do. Right from day one, foams start breaking down giving off a gas that can seriously effect the breathing of sensitive individuals. Further one of memory foams natural properties is to trap heat. They are often found to be too warm and uncomfortable.

Other Gases: Dust mites themselves do not really harm us. However the gas emitted from their faescies can become a serious issue. With Hypnos’ natural Dust Mite control this problem is minimized.

Effects from Mold & Mildew: Many asthmatics are extremely sensitive to Molds and Mildew. Because Hypnos mattresses stray extremely clean inside with its natural breathing, making it the cleanest mattress in Canada.

Common Questions and Answers

Q: Does Hypnos use Horse Hair?

A: Hypnos knows many people are allergic to Horse and this is why we use a combination of Cattle and Hog tail that has been sanitized.

Q: Does a Hypnos mattress need to be flipped?

A: Yes, especially because it is all natural it is important to flip and rotate the mattress as per the Care instructions. This will let the mattress provide you with a long and comfortable life.

Q: Is the Damask a natural material?

A: Yes, the Damask is made from natural Rayon, derived from wood pulp.

Q: Since there is no foam will the bed show body impressions?

A: Hypnos takes many steps to reduce the occurrence of body impresses. First they over fill the entire mattress then during the Tufting process pre pack the fills to the finished size you see. Next the tufts help keep the fills from moving around and leaving sagged areas. Last the unique combination of fills helps to keep everything the way they should be.

Q: Can you sleep on the edges?

A: Unlike other mattresses we do not have any solid foams and block on the edges on the mattress. However we do have butterfly edge supports and an edge to edge coil system. You should be able to comfortably sleep on the edges. You many feel a slight rolling at the beginning however this is subside in a short period as the fills settle.

Q: What are the different sizes of mattresses?

A: Hypnos makes its mattresses in 3 standard sizes, King, Queen and Single XL. Hypnos can also make custom sizes, including Doubles. Please call your local retailer for more information.

Q: Are there different size box springs (bases)?

A: Yes, with Hypnos you can have different types of boxsprings.

  • 1. Royal Pocket Coil base. This industry unique product has over 1000 pocket coils on the top, queen, to give the ultimate in comfort to you mattress. These coils are supported by 1″ thick Aspen wood, over 2 times the thickness most manufactures use. All is covered by matching fabric and elegant cording. Height of the Unit is about 11″. This incredible product comes standard on the Eminence and optional on the Empress.
  • 2. Royal Coil base or Weblock base. These boxes are more common with other manufactures best models. They are finished with matching fabric and cording. Height of the unit is about 8″. Standard for the Empress, Wendover and Magnolia. Optional for Eminence.
  • 3. Low Profile base. Built for those who wish or need a lower overall height. These use a Lock-fast module for strength and long term endurance. Finished with matching fabric and cording. Height is just under 7″. Optional on all models.
  • 4. Split bases for Queen mattresses. These units are available in reinforced wood semiflex and Weblock only. They are finished with matching fabric and cording. Height is about 8″ and is optional on all models.

Royal Comfort Collection

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Castle Collection

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